Why Web developers like Jordan Boesch, founder of TaxiMe.ca, are changing the mobile application development landscape.

Jordan Boesch typifies the new breed of developer focusing on mobile application development. New breed? He’s one of a legion of developers brought up in the Web Age who are looking to translate their knowledge into the mobile world and, thanks to a host of mobile application frameworks that allow web developers to leverage their existing skills in HTML and Javascript to build native mobile applications, he can.

Jordan’s bread and butter was his web site, TaxiMe.ca, where you can put in two locations and find out the cost of a cab ride between them. Once launched, he quickly realized the best place to extend his web offering was onto the mobile and started looking for a way to do it.

This is that story – where the idea came from, why the jump to mobile, what his customers are saying, how he plans to make some money and what development platform he chose and why.


* Go Canada!

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About Jordan Boesch
Jordan Boesch
Jordan’s career as a web developer has taken him all over the world, from Ottawa to France and finally back to his grass roots in Saskatchewan, Canada. While he was in Ottawa, he worked full time during the day and spent his nights working on TaxiMe.

Dabbling in the latests and greatest has always been a number one priority, whether it be a web framework or a mobile framework like PhoneGap. Jordan has always been fascinated with the mobile web and the future of it.

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