Why Apple’s iPad and other tablets won’t kill nor save the printing industry according to Transcontinental Media VP, Dominique-Sébastien Forest

UNTETHER.tv was the official broadcast partner for the recent Mobile Innovation Week and this is one of the sessions we had while on location in Toronto.

We’ve been hearing about the demise of traditional print media as a result of its digital counterpart since the web became a commercial vehicle in the 1990’s. Now the conversation is back at the forefront because of the mobile revolution – specifically the tablet revolution and the first forays into digital publishing by Wired Magazine, The Economist and People Magazine.

Dominique-Sébastien Forest offers sage advice and insight into the publishing industry from both the Transcontinental perspective and the macro industry viewpoint and it is a lot calmer and rational than you’d expect given the rumours of the death of old media.


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About Dominique-Sébastien Forest
Dominique-Sébastien Forest

As Vice-President Digital, Dominique-Sébastien Forest is responsible for Transcontinental Media digital media strategy, including the diversification of their product offering and the acceleration of the growth if the New Media and Digital Solutions Group. His mission is to create the most compelling and efficient online echo-system for Transcontinental clients.

Mr Forest was previously Vice-President Digital Media and E-Commerce, at Quebecor Media, where he was responsible for Canoe’s portal, digital content, social media, online dating, search and wireless distribution strategy. He is also in charge of building and operating a new e-commerce global environment for Quebecor Media online activities and creating a state of the art digital distribution platform for Sun Media’s print assets.

With a very accomplished track record of business innovation modeling, Mr. Forest spent 3 years as Vice President, Business Development at Puretracks, a North American leader in the development of online music platforms. He was also editor of MSN Canada and founded Creative Research and Technology, Canada’s first company specialized in advergaming (the use of games for advertising purposes).

Mr Forest is recognized for his ability to market innovations and develop effective commercialization strategy with emerging products. He has been a speaker in numerous events in Canada, the United States and Europe on different topics including the future of music, mobility, television and e-commerce. He is also member of the board of directors for the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) of Canada, as well as an advisor for organizations like the Mobile Experience Innovation Center and NextMedia.

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