Want to know what the power of free is? How about 3,000,000 downloads ignited by a passion. Here’s Dana Peters’ story about Planets

I’ve spent hours with mobile entrepreneurs who are ignited to change the world through their applications but for this session let’s listen to some lessons about a guy who’s passion for mapping stars translated into a beautiful application that has been downloaded more than 3 million times.

Dana Peters built “Planets” — an application for the iPhone and iPad that showcases and teaches about stars and planets — and offers it for free. It is a clear lesson in building a product out of pure passion and, as Dana himself says, it’s not like work, this is done for fun.


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Dana Peters“Peters, a 20-year-veteran in the world of software development, said he caught the astronomy bug about two years ago and has been liaising with experts and taking courses at Carleton University in order to bone up on his knowledge of the subject.

He said, given the iPhone’s widespread appeal, it only made sense to make an app for the device in order to reach out to other astronomy amateurs.

“It’s my contribution to science education, if you like,” said Peters. “iPhone is a really great platform for writing apps. It has a GPS so it knows where you are on the planet and it has a clock so it knows the time. That’s all you need to determine what exactly should be in the sky.” “
From the Ottawa Citizen. Full article here.

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