This Week in Location Based Marketing: Episode 3 – The End for Gowalla?

Episode 3

recorded December 5, 2010

Welcome to This Week in Location Based Marketing where we rehash the news the matters in the location based marketing world.

Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Asif Khan

This week: Is this the beginning of the end for Gowalla?

Show highlights:

1. No $6 billion dollar deal for Google and Groupon
Groupon turned down a reported $6 billion dollar offer from Google. Pundits upset that Grougle domain name worth nothing.

2. Gowalla 3.0
Has Gowalla just become another multi check-in service, leaving its innovative past behind it or is their desire to become a socially curated guidebook a real possibility?

3. The Gowalla Advent Calendar:
Great idea – check in and win prizes every day until Christmas

4. Foursquare and Endemol teaming up to do a television show: Full story

5. New chapters for the Location Based Marketing Association in New York and San Francisco: Announcement here

Resource of the Week
Social Wayne’s 8 Roles in Location Based Marketing – which are you? Find out here.

Tool of the Week

Stickybits is a free app you use to scan barcodes on all the stuff you love, instantly turning it into even more stuff you love. Scan a snowboard – win free lift passes. Scan some wireless headphones – see what people say about them and check out what your friends are listening to. Scan a box of frozen chalupas – get a 2fer for even más chalupas. You get the idea. Scan any barcode. Read reviews and comments, and share your own. Score a bunch of big discounts and free stuff – both for what you’re scanning and related things you’ll like.

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