The ultimate protection from being “iJacked” with Ken Westin, CEO of ActiveTrak

GadgetTrak is about as cool as mobile security can get. Not for the fact that the technology can remotely wipe devices or send a message to the thief, not even the fact it can remotely backup my contacts and all that is important on the device. The really cool part is that, even if the thief changes the SIM and thinks he/she has outsmarted the rightful owner, it sends the new phone number via SMS to the owner. Brilliant!

This session with Ken Westin, Founder and CEO of ActiveTrak and GadgetTrak, goes beyond the ins and outs of the technology and touches on both the reasons that he started the company and what kind of successes they’ve had in recovery — including some great stories of foiled thievery.


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About Ken Westin
Ken Westin

Ken brings 11 years experience in technology and security, designing, building and managing complex systems for companies such as iovation, Centennial Software, Tektronix, Eye Velocity and Pacific University. Ken’s research and development in the area of endpoint security has been included in the Certified Ethical Hacker training materials and numerous publications, books and guides and he is regularly interviewed by the press as a subject matter expert regarding device theft, data security and privacy.

Ken holds a B.A. from Lewis & Clark College and a M.S. from the University of Portsmouth.

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