The future of mobile mapping should be as real-time as a Twitter post — With Danny Moon, co-founder of UpNext

If ever there is a business suited for the always-on world of smartphones it is mapping — whether that involves directions from a GPS or informative overlays, mapping is as natural an extension to phones as fingers are to your hand.

This is where Danny Moon and UpNext play: Perfecting the portable mapping experience.

There is proprietary technology, vector images instead of tilled maps and a desire to incorporate real-time information onto the map but the really great approach that UpNext is taking is not reinventing the wheel for these services. Adding an a third-party layer, be they localized Twitter posts or traffic reports or event restaurant reviews and ratings is the killer application to mapping and Danny’s team is on it.


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About Danny Moon
Danny Moon

Danny spent four years as a management consultant before receiving his MBA at Columbia Business School. While at school, he began working on UpNext as the business guy.

Danny received his BA in Biology from UC Berkeley.

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