Reinvent fluid pricing? Have your app downloaded millions of times? All in a day’s work for Shopsavvy — with Rylan Barnes

Millions. That’s the number of times Shopsavvy has been downloaded. Millions — note the “s”.

If you are still reading and haven’t gone directly to the video to learn about how the Rylan Barnes turned Shopsavvy into one of the most popular applications on iPhone and Android then you should also know that this has been a long time coming for this type of program and may very well be a precursor to the future of fluid product pricing.

Rylan and his team at Big In Japan are a true symbol of the next generation AppPreneur building new business models and doing it with a small team using innovation and will power to succeed.

Plenty of lessons to be learned from Rylan — including what it’s really like to work in close proximity to your co-workers!


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About Rylan Barnes
Rylan BarnesRylan Barnes is a ShopSavvy and Big in Japan co-founder. He was a first-prize winner in Google’s Android Developer Challenge and has been laying down mobile code since before the dawn of the modern-day smartphone. He is a native Texan and schooled at Texas A&M University.

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