How Unsocial turns your iPhone or Android phone into a location-based sandwich board with co-founder Kiran Modak

If you’ve ever been scanned, pinned, poked or even cornered at a conference you know the perils of eye contact while walking the floor – even if you are just trying to get to the boxed lunches on the other side. Conferences and, well, all business gatherings have one thing in common – the person you really want to talk with is not easily found and usually means you are stuck talking to people you know or don’t want to know.

Enter Unsocial and Kiran Modak, their co-founder.

Among other things, Unsocial helps identify who is around you – literally right around you – by tapping into the business social network LinkedIn. The unique part of this product is that it doesn’t just identify the people you know – in fact it stays away from your existing contacts and helps identify the people around you that you don’t know.

This was a great session with Kiran and another great example of a company trying to figure out a way to leverage mobile for productive use.


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About Kiran Modak
Kiran Modak
Kiran, a founder of Unsocial, brings over ten years experience in technical marketing, sales and project management experience to the Unsocial team. Most recently, Kiran founded and is the Technology Director of Apptango, and mobile application development firm based in Seattle, WA. Prior to Apptango, Kiran was a Founder and Creative Director at The Blue Mango, and served as the VP of Strategic Development at Strix Systems. Kiran is frequently sought out for his opinions, advice and expertise in the arena of outsourcing web and product development teams overseas. Kiran holds an MBA from the Peter F. Drucker School of Management and degrees in computer science and cost accounting from the University of Pune, India.

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  • Rob, like you said this is not new but it does seem like this is a great implementation and set of people behind it. Kiran made a ton of compelling cases for it.

  • Agree Jaspreet – there is clearly a need for something like this and my feeling is that this is just the start for services such as Unsocial.

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