How to succeed in location-based coupons? Offer value and then do it again — With David Offierski of Clip Mobile

A while back I interviewed YOWZA!‘s founder and Heroes telly-vision star Greg Grunberg about the need for mobile coupons. YOWZA! is only available in the United States so the search began for a Canadian solution — enter Clip Mobile and founder David Offierski.

I think the common thread about this type of service is that most of these companies are very young in an industry that has finally emerged — and that industry can accommodate a number of these guys helping the average consumer reduce expenses. Clip Mobile customers don’t offer token discounts, some are offering discounts of up to 40% — significant by any measure and true value to consumers.

The fundamental shift that a well-executed business in this space is a move to fluid pricing — a combination of location-based coupon services and companies like ShopSavvy will help all us of regain control of our wallet by increasing full pricing transparency.

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[audio:] [/private] About David Offierski
David Offierski

Dave Offierski is the founder of Canada’s location based mobile coupon
network, Clip Mobile. Clip is putting offers from a growing list of
Canada’s favourite retailers and restaurants into the hands of

David has a unique perspective on how mobile services will evolve in
the Canadian marketplace and Clip is his first startup. When not
living, breathing and building the killer app for Canadian consumers,
David enjoys turning the Blackberry and iPhone off on the Friday evening
drive to the cottage. Not to worry, he equally enjoys turning it back on
early Monday morn to get caught up. David is an avid sailor and sits on
the board of directors of the Stony Lake Yacht Club

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