How combines open data with location to give context a new meaning with founder Ethan Van Den Berg

With location-focused services everywhere and an open-data movement that is gaining some serious momentum, Ethan Van Den Berg and his company,, noticed an opportunity to build a service level on top of all that data.

The layer that Ethan’s team built on top of the data brings together multiple disparate sources into a coherent, context-based powerful resource – with multiple uses for both business and consumer.

Here’s why he built it and what he’s planning next.


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About Ethan Van Den Berg
Ethan Van Den Berg
Ethan Van den Berg is a mobile web developper working in Ottawa. His professional career to date has included working for the Government of Canada, Trailswest and developping websites for companies across Canada.

His mobile career has included writing applications for both Iphone and Android powered devices, which have been featured on CTV and in the Vancouver Sun. He is currently working with ShownTo.Me to create both a mobile and web presence. ShownTo.Me specializes in the aggregation of 3rd party APIs/data and mashing them together in new ways. Using information from both public and private groups such as Yellowpages & Yahoo to help you explore your current space in new ways. They plan to launch mobile web apps on Blackberry/Iphone/Android/Windows Mobile before the end of the year. ShownTo.Me currently has Open Data from all of the major Canadian cities with open data and they are working to gather as many global cities as possible (US/Europe/Australia/Russia). They currently have over 4.4 million pieces of open data, but that number is continuously rising.

Although ShownTo.Me is currently focused on open & transit data. If you have ideas on data that you would like “shown to me”, please let Ethan know directly: [email protected]

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