How PumpOne generates revenue through app sales and subscriptions. Hint: The product delivers…and then some.

Craig Schlossberg is no stranger to entrepreneurship — he’s been starting successful companies since the early 1990’s — and PumpOne is no different.

I knew I had to interview Craig after I was convinced to buy PumpOne’s FitnessBuilder — the application was a whopping $20 on the AppStore — and have used it every day since. PumpOne has built up a strong customer base by creating a beautiful product that has evolved over time (Craig says there is no way they could have built FitnessBuilder right from the start due to its sheer size — over 500 programs and 5000 exercises, each with full-motion video).

Listen as Craig walks us through the processes, successes and mistakes his company made along the way to release and how he has started leveraging new marketing techniques to create a community around his products. Plus, get a glimpse into his product planning process as he discusses the next FitnessBuilder releases through the spring.

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About Craig Schlossberg
A serial entrepreneur at heart and with a gift for identifying and meeting industry and consumer needs with unique technology solutions, Craig has launched several successful companies over his career. He is an expert in creating award winning business applications using his expertise in audio and visual technologies in particular for multi industry solutions based on digital imaging.

Craig Schlossberg’s inspiration for co-founding PumpOne in 2005 was to make the concept of affordable personal fitness trainers for the masses a reality by radically changing the way exercise and fitness content is distributed to consumers. Craig seized the immediate opportunity to bring together today’s technology with the need for personal fitness training by shifting the paradigm of audio fitness trainers to visual workouts using his digital imaging, editing and interface design expertise.

Craig also co-founded Mosaic Legends, LLC during 2005, bringing the spectacular digital art form of photomosaics to music and sports memorabilia collectors. Mosaic Legends is the exclusive licensee permitted to create and distribute photomosaics, which uses technology under patent by Runaway Technologies. Photomosaics are a collection of hundreds or thousands of digital images brought together to recreate a single, large target image. Mosaic Legends creates the likeness of legendary musical artists, bands, athletes and sports teams as hand-signed limited edition prints available through a limited-distribution collectibles network.

Craig co-founded Image Info, Inc. in 1994 providing a suite of integrated business to business solutions for the retail industry. Image Info revolutionized the fashion world with digital imaging software that automates the creation of sales tools, catalogs and front-end reporting which resulted in setting the standard in that industry for database publishing. Image Info also pioneered digital imaging by digitally shooting, editing, cataloging and distributing hundreds of thousands of images ranging from fashion shows to e-commerce web stores. Image Info received Deloitte & Touche’s Fast 50 award in 1998 and was acquired by QRS in 2000.

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