How killing your own applications is the developers version of natural evolution — With Somrat Niyogi, Founder of Bazaar Labs

Somrat Niyogi has no patience for under-performing mobile applications.

As founder of Bazaar Labs, creators of MISO, the social television application (discussed in detail during this session), Somrat has killed more products that haven’t met his natural hockey stick test than have survived — he believes there is a natural demand curve that mobile applications should see if they are truly filling an under-served requirement. This is unique among developers and mobile is the rule, not the exception. How many apps have you seen and wonder how they actually saw the light of day? What if you took a decent idea, turned it into a good application and killed it 30 days later because it was under-performing?

This is what Somrat has done, twice. He explains the ‘why’ in detail here but he is adamant that the lessons are the important part — and applying the experience of each failure into the next application brings you one step closer to success. MISO was literally 3 apps in the making.

Somrat is an insightful, experienced and articulate entrepreneur with a great viewpoint about this industry. I became a fan of his efforts during our hour-long conversation as I’m sure you will as well.


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About Somrat Niyogi
Somrat Niyogi

Somrat Niyogi is founder of Bazaar Labs, a real-time stream app company focused on popular topics.

Prior to Bazaar Labs, Somrat held various roles, including business development & sales at social advertising startup Somrat has extensive background in cloud computing APIs, enterprise software, SaaS-based solutions from his experiences in sales, partner management, & consulting at Right90 and

Somrat graduated with a BS in Computer Sciences at UT-Austin.

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