How EveryTrail brings real-time to your travel experiences — whether it’s a hike in the woods or a run around the world. With Joost Schreve

Most people love to travel. Joost Schreve took his passion and turned it into something called EveryTrail.

EveryTrail has always had mobile as the target for this service — Schreve created the first version for the die-hard GPS owners before there was a smartphone with a built-in GPS. As companies life Apple wrapped consumer interfaces around longitude and latitude, EveryTrail’s awareness accelerated and is fully engaging hundreds of thousands of users feeding the service with over 250,000 trails and trips to download and/or share.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to opening additional streams of revenue for EveryTrail and partnerships are burgeoning as awareness spreads. Listen and watch how Joost and his team have achieved their numbers to date and how they plan on moving that needle even further.

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About Joost Schreve
Joost Schreve has a strong background in general management, technology and online services. Prior to founding GlobalMotion he was CEO at Layerstream, product manager at Yahoo! in the homepage team, and a project manager at Fredhopper, the leading European provider of enterprise search. Early in his career he worked in business development at ClickAction, a technology marketing company based in Palo Alto and as a researcher at Renault in Paris. Joost holds two patents; and he holds a Masters degree in Engineering from Delft University of Technology and an MBA from Stanford University.

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