How do you celebrate new employees?

This morning I was explaining my personal view about how to integrate new employees into a company to a client I’m coaching and it dawned on me this might actually be of interest to others.

First off, my philosophy is to focus on the new hire and celebrate the fact they have decided to come to work with us at our company. The decision to take a job at one company versus another is always a risk and you should always show your appreciation for that choice.

This is my process, refined over many years and many different companies:

The first day on the job, the new employee is greeted by their office, cubicle or desk completely set up. This includes (but not limited to):

1. A fully set up computer including email address and access to the intranet, ready to go, off the shelf, day one.

2. Business cards with name and title, phone number, extension, etc. Printed and ready to bring home to show everyone

3. A fully functioning smartphone with email and calendar hooked up and ready to send/receive

4. A company shirt/hat/whatever you give out

We then have a celebration lunch for the whole team, paid for by the company, ensuring the new employee is engaged in the conversation – I usually put them on the spot to fill in the blanks of their past by introducing themselves to everyone.

This really gets them embedded into the team. It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure their space is set up and forces us all to make sure we have a good process for bringing new people in.

One last touch that I stole from somewhere: I do a handwritten note welcoming them to the company, affix it to a bottle of wine and have it sent to their home the evening of their first day to enjoy with their significant other.

Celebrating the arrival is a great way to send the message that that person has made the right choice to come work with us.

How do you celebrate new employees?

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