How Apps In My Pocket is using an iPhone to help your children learn to write — while selling over 60,000 copies on a shoestring budget.

John Friend is all-in. He quit his job in marketing and looked for a business that fused his knowledge of marketing, his wife’s knowledge of early childhood development and a disruptive learning device called the iPhone and Apps In My Pocket was born.

Two years and 60,000 customers later he’s got some great lessons to impart on you, the mobile entrepreneur and they are good. He’s released 2 products (PocketPhonics and DotToDot) and, like any good entrepreneur, has many more to come.

What John shows us is the makings of a business not just the development of an app — a necessary distinction if you want to succeed in the space where customer attention is a scarce resource.

To learn about Synthetic Phonics you can download the guide mentioned in the session here.

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About John Friend
John Friend is the Director of He is a hybrid of marketing, web, business and IT skills providing him with a good understanding of the different elements that make up a mobile app. The first app he launched was abc PocketPhonics. It’s been is a consistent seller in the US, UK, Canadian and Australian App Stores. It’s also been an Apple Staff favourite, a Macworld App of the Day. and received a “Best”award from His second app, DotToDot number whiz was launched a few months ago.

He began his career in usability and object-oriented development over 20 years ago. He worked on projects in financial services, legal services, and government. He spent five years in the 1990s developing applications using the toolset that has now evolved into the iPhone SDK.

In 2000, he moved into marketing at Fidelity International. His final role before leaving was Director, B2C Customer Insight and Proposition Development.”

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