How an economics major partnered with a physics major and built an app that has been downloaded over 6 Million times — With Eddie Marks and James Anthony of Inedible Software

Remember when someone would mention applications on the iPhone and the immediate reaction was “how many shotgun and fake fart apps do you need?” — well, I’d like to introduce you to the “shotgun” part of that equation. Oh, and did you know that the shotgun application has been downloaded and installed on more that 6.5 MILLION devices? Hmmm, not so funny anymore.

Eddie Marks and James Anthony co-founded Inedible Software right around the time the iPhone was launched. They have been taught by Apple luminaries, have imparted their knowledge on the next generation application developers and have ALWAYS had a focus on the bottom line while building out their applications.

So what do you get when you cross a double major in math and economics with a physics major? Inedible Software of course


Show note: The article I reference in the session can be found here.

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About Eddie Marks, James Anthony and Inedible Software
Eddie Marks and James Anthony

“Inedible Software, LLC was founded by James Anthony and Edward Marks in January of 2009. Since then they have released 6 in-house applications with over 7.5 millions downloads between them. They’ve worked with Ubisoft, the Magnolia Pictures movie Mutant Chronicles, and the indoor mapping company Micello. They and their applications have been featured in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. They also teach iPhone programming classes and have given a guest lecture at Stanford University, available on iTunes U.

James graduated with Distinction from Stanford University with a BS in Physics and minor in Computer Science. He was born and raised in New York City and has worked at Creative Engineering, Madison Square Press and the Society of Illustrators/Museum of American Illustration as well as teaching Tae Kwon Do and participating in physics research at Stanford. He also plays bass guitar and rides a green 2007 Triumph Bonneville.

Eddie graduated with Distinction from Stanford University with a BS in Mathematics and a BAH (Honors) in Economics. He was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. While in school he did research both with the Stanford GPS Laboratory and the Stanford Department of Economics. He plays the drum set and rides a matte black 2003 Honda 919.”

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  • Guest

    I love these guys! POW is my favorite app. Thanks so much for interviewing them.

  • robwoodbridge

    Thanks for the comment! Yup, they are a great duo. Glad you enjoyed their story!

  • Sleet15

    So much good information from two very generous and talented guys. Amazing learning curve from development, ideas, marketing, and onward.

  • robwoodbridge

    Eddie and James are both pioneers in this space for sure! There are lots of lessons in this session for everyone.

  • Gregg

    We invite Eddie and James (and followers) to discover Native Radio.

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