How a passionate mobile game developer is turning a niche idea into a business with the help from a billionaire

Wes Tam, founder of GlitchSoft, spent 5 years working for the premier mobile game developer and publisher in North America in Magmic, produced best selling games that have been played by millions of people and is now under the tutelage of Canada’s technology mogul (Sir Terence Matthews). In this energetic and candid session, Wes expands on his passion for the gaming industry, the lessons he’s learned that have shaped the direction of his first GlitchSoft title — targeted to women mobile gamers — and a glimpse down the road for mobile gaming.

Wes is a hard-working, game-loving entrepreneur with energy to spare. Enjoy this great insight into what makes a good game, a developer tick and a burgeoning business model in the making.Embed the video on your site:

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About Wes Tam
Industry veteran Wes Tam has worked in the mobile gaming industry since it’s infancy. He has helped in the establishment of Magmic Games as a leader in mobile content production. His work at Magmic includes producing AAA content for feature phones, Blackberry and iPhone platforms. Wes is also heavily involved in the gaming development community, contributing to the Quickly Bored industry blog site and sitting on the Ottawa Chapter IGDA executive board. Wes is current the VP of Product Development at Glitchsoft, an independent video game company he founded in 2009 focused on building AAA first party IP based games for the iPhone Platforms.

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