How $44 in marketing has generated 25 million downloads for BUMP – with co-founder and CEO David Lieb

This is one of those ideas we all wish we could solve, the dreaded business card swap. It is impersonal, a waste of resources and, really, not a great way to strike up a relationship. Enter David Lieb and his team at Bump who have created, for a lack of a better term, business relationship 2.0 (hey, it’s better than business card 2.0). Now when you want to exchange contact information with someone you simply bump phones (iOS or Android – and it does work across the two) and your information is exchanged. The real value comes from the fact that once the connection is made, you can reach out, connect, exchange photos or even share music with your contacts.

This is an important session because of a few things right off the bat: The idea for Bump is simple and made the act of exchanging contact information simple and VERY viral. They also made an early decision to open up their API to third party developers to build applications based on or around the Bump concept and now over 200 applications have been developed including a person-to-person payment application from PayPal.

Simplicity and utility are the fundamentals for massive growth with very little marketing investment and that’s what David Lieb and his team at Bump figured out.


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About David Lieb
David Lieb

David is CEO and cofounder of Bump Technologies, which he founded along with Andy Huibers and Jake Mintz in the fall of 2008 while a first-year MBA student at the University of Chicago. Bump is a platform technology that allows two mobile phones to connect or interact by just physically bumping them together.

Previously, David served as a technologist and algorithm designer at Texas Instruments, where he helped develop digital display devices for projectors and large-screen televisions. Prior to TI, David taught robotic vehicles to see, learn, and drive themselves while a research assistant in the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab.

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