Can you pay someone to download your apps? Rob Weber, co-founder of Apperang thinks so.

If you have been watching at all, you’ll know that I spend a lot of time trying to understand ways by which application developers can make money – either with their app or as a result of their app. It is THE question and one that has opened up brand new business models and opportunity for everyone.

Now, I’m not sure that paying people to download and use applications is the answer but Rob Weber and his team at W3I have done great things for software on the desktop and they are now bringing that to the iPhone to help promote mobile applications with their new service Apperang.

Rob is articulate, knowledgeable and willing to share with everyone during this session – and share he does. This is a GREAT session chalk full of advice, suggestions and opinion – the reason why I do this every day.

Here are a few links mentioned in the session: Rob’s Blog and the push for the freemium model.


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About Robert Weber
Robert Weber
Rob Weber co-founded W3i in 2000. As CEO, from inception through November 2007, and as VP of Business Development thereafter, Rob grew W3i into a leading distributor of consumer applications. Today, Rob oversees and focuses on the growth of the W3i Application Network, an application network that increases revenue, distribution, and engagement for Windows applications and plug-ins.

Since establishing his first website in 1995, Rob has co-founded other interactive media businesses, including a free application editorial site and a display ad network. In 2006, Rob shared the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award with his brothers Ryan and Aaron. Rob was also named to the 2007 Inc. 5,000—CEO’s Under 30 list.

Rob received his B.S. in Entrepreneurship from St. Cloud State University. He is a Board Member of W3i and is a private angel investor in a number of music, game, and mobile application start-ups. Rob enjoys sharing his passion for the Internet and entrepreneurship with students at St. Cloud State University and other youth-mentoring venues.

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