Can a mobile application allow you to experience the news – Camille LeBlanc, founder and CEO of Blancspot is making it happen

I’m a news junkie – I can’t seem to get enough of real life even as I live it and I know I’m not alone. This is why so many companies are compelled to build mobile applications and services that help people collate and consume news. Who would have thought that building an app for news consumption would become an industry but if you check around the top selling apps, you’ll find newsreaders and news service applications front and centre.

As I said, I consume news but I’ve never really experienced news the way Blancspot pulls it together. The application is graceful and visceral and Camille LeBlanc, founder and CEO is set on changing the way news is consumed, starting with mobile.

This really is a conversation among news fans but mixed in there are some gems around generating revenue and a master plan to start with mobile and expand outwards to other platforms and services.


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About Camille LeBlanc
Camille LeBlanc
Co-founder and CEO (2004-2007) Roubini Global Economics, leading macro economic information service and strategy firm. After a stint in the investment banking industry, Camille has developed 20 years experience managing strategic alliances and business development for early-stage software and hardware companies. Ms. LeBlanc holds a BA in Economics and an MA in Information Systems from the University of California, Berkeley.

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