Build something that doesn’t change your customer’s workflow, make it a part of it. Insight from Blue Shoe Mobile’s Eddie Peloke

Eddie Peloke is on to something.

Blue Shoe Mobile offers a compelling service — getting restaurants set up in the mobile world with their own application — but that’s an aside. The thing that Eddie is on to is the NEED to be simple. Developers typically need to balance only one aspect of simplicity — their application needs to be easy to use, and I mean EASY to use. The complexity needs to lie in the code and the developers sole task is to make sure the consumer doesn’t notice. Eddie’s applications do that but he decided to take it to the next level and add another level of simplicity requirements

Blue Shoe builds the back end systems that allow the restaurants to manage their own content AND offer the ability to order takeout food from the app so it needs to be easy to integrate into the way the restaurants make their menus and take orders. Complex? Yup. Simplified with Blue Shoe Mobile? Yup.

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About Eddie Peloke
Eddie Peloke

Eddie Peloke began his career as an elementary teacher but always had a passion for software development. After five years in education he decided to switch career paths and begin work as a software developer. Eddie has been in software development for the last ten years and has worked with all sorts of technologies from client server applications to web and now mobile. Eddie has also had the opportunity to hold many roles throughout his career from software developer to Director of Technology. He resided in Virginia with his wife and two children.

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