BlackBerryCool Untether’d — Episode 6

Kyle McInnes, EIC at, and I (Rob Woodbridge) discuss the app-enings around some BlackBerry releases and news items with our usual “he said, she said” wit (you decide who’s who) or fan-boy, non-fan-boy banter.

In this episode we talk about the BlackBerry Cobalt folio killer tablet thing, the crap that people put out on AppWorld (personal Geiger counters and lame themes and the need for RIM to start leading again — no more following please!

Enjoy and remember to send feedback and questions!

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  • When I think of BlackBerry, I think of people saying “my work gave it to me”. It seems to me that the vast majority of BB's out there were given to people by their Boss (specifically over an iPhone because it does Push email, which means they can make your pocket vibrate whenever they want to).

    So, based on this line of thought – what do yo think the average level of tech-savviness is for the average BB user? Probably not nearly as high as someone who made a deliberate choice to buy an iPhone. These scam-apps are succeeding because there's no iSheriff in town to stop crooks from preying on the ignorant masses.

  • robwoodbridge

    You'd be surprised, well, maybe not, at the lack of knowledge about apps in general on the BlackBerry side. I don't get the sense that consumers know about AppWorld as it isn't installed on every device that ships (roughly 50% now I believe). BB users aren't generally the technical folks but I don't think the iPhone users are either. The most technical crowd are the early Android users hands down.

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