A dozen applications in and Matthew Formica is still focused on finding the next uncharted iPhone application

A dozen applications. That’s how many Matthew Formica has developed since he started MFSoftware back in 2008. He’s learned his lessons from making the mistakes that new developers are making right now giving him a slight advantage on the next guy in a constant battle to rise above the 150,000 applications available for smartphones.

What brought me to Matthew was that he developed an application that lists applications available in iTunes to help create awareness for his 11 other creations, he also charges for that application — innovative no? He’s experimented with price changes and timed sales, focused his efforts on short bursts of development (four months is the maximum time he’ll devote to developing a product) and has a clear understanding of the limitations of a one man show.

I could have talked about this industry with Matthew for much longer and I know you’ll find great value in his experiences!

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About Matthew Formica
Matthew Formica has been involved in the mobile industry since the iTunes App Store launched, but has been programming far longer than that. He started programming in BASIC and 6502 Assembly for the Apple IIc+ when he was 9 years old, and after graduating with a computer science degree, went to work for Apple.

Many software developers will be familiar with Matthew’s work at Apple – his job in developer relations as “Software Evangelist” made him a spokesperson for Apple Engineering, helping guide developers through the “Intel Inside” Macintosh transition. Having learned software development the Apple way, it was only natural that Matthew would take up iPhone app development upon leaving Apple to get his MBA at NYU Stern. His “Stock TickerPicker” iPhone app launched in September 2008, and continues to have an active following to this day. Since then, his company, “MF Software,” has released nearly a dozen applications, mostly finance related.

Now employed as a project manager at Intel, Matthew writes iPhone apps nights and weekends to supplement his income. Several more iPhone apps are in the pipeline, and all of MF Software’s products can be found at http://www.mfsoftwareonline.com, or on Twitter at twitter.com/MFSoftware.

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