UNTETHER.base Company Listing

This is a list of almost all of the companies that have been on an episode or show. This is work in progress! You can also see this list sorted by guests.


6Wunderkinder: How their todo app, Wunderlist, got to 1,000,000 downloads – with PR Director Jessica Erickson


Episode #481: How Atlantic City uses mobile to move tourists into local businesses – with Dave Roesch of the ACCVA


How to build the perfect mobile email client – with Acompli co-founder Javier Soltero


The ultimate protection from being “iJacked” with Ken Westin, CEO of ActiveTrak


Why mobile is an unsolvable Rubik’s Cube — and that’s a good thing for entrepreneurs — according to Adenyo’s Kevin McGuire


How to see the simplicity in mobile marketing with Adenyo’s Mark Wright


How Adenyo is democratizing mobile marketing while building predictive analytics to serve your customers what they want, where they want it – with CEO Tyler Nelson


Episode #488: How saving mobile app developers $16,000 per user led to a business – with AgeCheq founder Roy Smith


5 tips to ensure your company is COPPA-compliant – with Roy Smith of AgeCheq

Ahead of time

How mobile brings social to the masses with Ahead of Time founder, Monty Metzger


How to build Loyalty in mobile – with Aimia VP Rick Ferguson


AirRun: How to use your smartphone to find work literally where you stand – with co-founder Rob Matthews


Why is mobile so important to the cloud and where should you start – with AirVM founder, Joshua Vautour


The impact of mobile on commerce and the ewallet with Andrew Paradise, founder of AisleBuyer

Allen & Gerritson

Schneidermike on why he is obsessed with location and why you should care about the SoLoMo movement

Altas Wearables

EP #512: How focusing on a niche brought TechCrunch and $630,000 from Indiegogo – with Altas Wearables co-founder Peter Li


The Future of Social is Mobile – with Amber MacArthur


How Darren Andes turned his hobby into a business based on his life’s phases – from marriage to parenthood, there’s an app for that.


Building a business by consistently solving a short term user pain with Andrey Butov, CEO of Antair


How Antenna Software balances user needs and IT requirements to succeed in mobile enterprise with Chief Marketing Office Jim Somers


Hyperlocal meets Microlistings with Anttenna’s Founder, Marcus Wandell


Appcelerator: How to develop your mobile strategy – with VP Marketing Scott Schwarzhoff


10 business models to generate revenue with mobile applications (and so much more) with Scott Schwarzhoff, VP Marketing at Appcelerator


How a hypnotist and an artist are building a mobile community of app experts to help you market better and sell more apps – with AppClover co-founders Len Wright and Matt Lutz


How to increase publicity for your mobile application launch with Aaron Watkins, co-founder of Appency.com


A cure for the common App? Appiction’s Rachel Youens talks do’s and don’t when moving your business into the mobile world


How Apps In My Pocket is using an iPhone to help your children learn to write — while selling over 60,000 copies on a shoestring budget.


How and why you should sell your mobile app – with Apptopia founder Jonathan Kay


8 things you need to do to sell your app for the highest return – with Apptopia founder Jonathan Kay


Why selling your app outright may be your best option to make money in mobile – with Apptopia founder Jonathan Kay


Why mobile analytics alone won’t help you sell more – with Apsalar co-founder Michael Oiknine

Arctic Empire

Why it’s hard to sell a mobile game for 99 cents – with Arctic Empire co-founder Josh Garellek


Why you should fear the ultimate centroid – with Arrivalist founder Cree Lawson


Episode #480: How Arrivalist is helping bring the rumble back to the Atlantic City promenade – with founder Cree Lawson

Atonality Mobile

TuneMe: How this android app is generating $100 per day in advertising revenue – with founder John Hotovy

Audax Health

Episode #484: The entrepreneurial path from mobile commerce to mobile health – with Audax Health VP Ian Klassen


How beacons ended up on Regent Street – with Autograph founder Henry Lawson

B-Street Communications

How mobile marketing has evolved from a truck pulling a rotating sign down the street to a great brand amplifier with Phil Barrett, Senior Director of Digital Marketing at RIM


Why wearables should be about what you are solving not what you are measuring – with Backtrack co-founder Alex Danco


How Banjo decides when to turn on revenue and the perils of doing that too soon – with founder Damien Patton (Part 3)


Why success for Banjo means you shouldn’t need to take your phone out of your pocket – with founder Damien Patton (Part 2)


From Desert Storm to NASCAR Chief Mechanic to founder and CEO of Banjo – with Damien Patton (Part 1)

Barcode Hero

Barcodehero: How to be disruptive at the intersection of retail and mobile – With Co-Founder and CEO, Blake Scholl

Bazaar Labs

How killing your own applications is the developers version of natural evolution — With Somrat Niyogi, Founder of Bazaar Labs


Episode #449: How Beergram builds loyalty and net new revenue for craft breweries through mobile – with founder Andrea Sanchez

Bell Mobillity

Bell Mobility: Understanding the state of mobile advertising today and how to make it work for you — with Nauby Jacob

Billing Revolution

What’s the secret to mobile commerce? Frictionless transactions according to Billing Revolution CEO Andy Kleitsch


EP #514: Why we need an Internet of Things operating system – with bitHeads co-founder Rick McMullin

Bizmey Inc.

Bizmey: How a mobile application discovery network helps get more downloads – with VP Salman Habib


Can a mobile application allow you to experience the news – Camille LeBlanc, founder and CEO of Blancspot is making it happen


Lessons of a mobile startup while starting it up – with Blipboard co-founders Aneil Mallavarapu and Jason Fischl


This Week in Location Based Marketing European Edition #1: The mighty European Roundtable

Blue Bite

No hiding from racist tweets + Mikhail Damiani of Blue Bite

Blue Shoe Mobile

Build something that doesn’t change your customer’s workflow, make it a part of it. Insight from Blue Shoe Mobile’s Eddie Peloke

Blue Whale

Blue Whale: How to partner right, find a niche and build a mobile audience — with founder Gregg Weiss


If things could speak with Dominik Gusenbauer of BMW


BoxTone’s Brian Reed on how his company is cashing in on the mobility gold rush


How to use deep linking to grow your mobile user base – with Branch’s Alex Austin


Broadcastr: Audio as augmented reality – With co-founder Scott Lindenbaum

Buddy Beers

Buddy Beers: How they are becoming the world’s mobile beer tap (and how they landed Carlsberg as their first client) – with founder Travis Todd

Budge Studios

Episode #445: How Budge Studios built a mobile business of brands – with co-founder Noemie Dupuy


How $44 in marketing has generated 25 million downloads for BUMP – with co-founder and CEO David Lieb


Episode #441: Cognitive overhead, the age of inference and a photo app named Flock – with Bump co-founder David Lieb


Why the retail window of the future is mobile – with Buy.com CEO Neel Grover


Episode #476: Why the coding is the easy part for mobile app developers – with Buzztouch founder David Book


What the music industry can teach educators about remaining relevant – with Yasser Ansari, Sidneyeve Matrix and Andrew Milne


bv02’s The Brief #4 – Mobile Strategy with Rob Woodbridge

Canadian Consulate

Kitchener’s Executive Director of Economic Development Rod Regier on his region’s global influence

Canadian Consulate

Canadian Consul General to San Francisco Cassie Doyle on being a Canadian in the Bay

Canopy Labs

Why personalization is key to more revenue from your existing customers – with Wojciech Gryc of Canopy Labs

Canwest Digital Media

What does the future of media look like from the mobile perspective? Disruptive according to Rami Lama


How Carazel is using the mobile check-in to deepen the relationship between Kid Rock and his fans – With co-founder Pinky Gonzales


Card.IO: The complex process of simplifying credit card capture with a smartphone – with co-founder Mike Mettler


Episode #474: How mobile is enabling the quantified self movement – with author Nora Young


How CBLabs built their first mobile game, The Adventures of Timmy, without sticking to the rules – with Creative Director Adam Kahn


Cellit: Why context and cadence are the most important pieces of your mobile marketing and commerce strategies – with company President, David Wachs


Breaking down the carrier barrier by selling simplicity with CellWand CEO, Nick Quain


Why UX is the future of the mobile operating system – with Chameleon creator Gabor Vida

Chaotic Moon

The state of the mobile world (and some augmented reality) with Chaotic Moon CTO whurley

Chaotic Moon

Sh*t you can do with mobile – with whurley of Chaotic Moon Labs

Chaotic Moon

How do you top the Board of Awesomeness? How about a brain-powered Board of Imagination – with Chaotic Moon’s Evil Genius, whurley


ChatTime: Why having 1 million mobile downloads is just the start – with co-founder Doug Simpson

Chetan Sharma Consulting

EP #501: Why the state of our Mobile Union is rock solid – with Chetan Sharma

Choatic Moon

Chaotic Moon: How they went from Rupert Murdoch’s The Daily to Sesame Street’s Grover to the Board of Awesomeness – with whurley and Phil Wheat

Choco-Locate Media

How a transmedia producer used mobile to create an audience for her documentary – with Choco-Locate creator Lalita Krishna


50 Million app reviews and counting: How Chomp.com is highlighting the long tail of mobile applications through their discovery engine – with Founder & CEO, Ben Keighran

City of Ottawa

How the City of Ottawa is using open data to connect its residents through their mobile phones with Sean McCaffrey


CityPockets: How this daily deals wallet uses mobile to bring relevancy to a fragmented market – with founder Cheryl Yeoh


Dan Martell: Why this relentless entrepreneur has turned his focus to mobile


Episode #459: How ClassDojo is using mobile in the classroom to change student behaviour – with co-founder Sam Chaudhary


Episode #493: CROWDSOURCED with Climbax project lead Cas Ladha

Clip Mobile

Attacking the “making money with mobile applications” conundrum and winning with David Offierski of Clip Mobile


How Clixtr helps you contribute to a shared experience one photo at a time – with Fergus Hurley, founder and CEO


How German company Cluetec is becoming a mobile-first software company – with Director Jan Schöttelndreier

CO Everywhere

Episode #478: Why CO Everywhere call themselves a real-time unfiltered reality show – with co-founders Tony Longo and Dan Adams


Coke: How mobile content, mobile distribution and mobile commerce are reinventing their business – with Tom Daly


Episode #472: 5 steps to a successful mobile app launch – with ComboApp’s Art Dogtiev

Communities Dominate

Tomi Ahonen’s state of the mobile industry – from Amazon to RIM


Understanding how comScore data services helps build effective mobile strategies with Mark Donovan, Senior Vice President, Mobile.


EP #517: The tale of the tenacious entrepreneur – with Crew co-founder Mikael Cho


EP #498: The merits and pitfalls of being always on – with Crowdcentric CEO Toby Daniels


This Week in Location Based Marketing #119: Can Qualcomm give you a ride?

Daily Grape

DailyGrape: How Gary Vaynerchuk became your mobile sommelier – with Jon Troutman, Director of Operations


The mobile application publicity playbook and why you need to start doing it today — With Dave Struzzi

Dealmaker Media

Does anyone have a spare triangle?

Deep Focus

Why mobile is the itch that satisfies the urgency of right now with Deep Focus CEO Ian Schafer.


The top trends in mobile over the next 24 months with Duncan Stewart, Director Research, Deloitte Canada

Denim Group

Smart Phones, Dumb Apps: Why you need to think security before laying code with Dan Cornell, CTO Denim Group


Why you should be where people love or where people hate – with Density founder Andrew Farah


Special Series – The Impact of Mobile. Episode 4: Retail and Commerce with David Sikora of Digby

Digital Element

Get a Lyft, drive-thru and get local

Digital Retail Apps

EP #518: How to increase store sales by killing the queue – with Digital Retail Apps founder Wendy MacKinnon Keith


EP #508: How Directr is bringing video production to the mobile masses – with Founder Eli Schleifer


Ditto: Changing the dynamic from checking in to a location to stepping out of your house – with founder Jyri Engestrom


[email protected]: How one company is re-imagining mobile search – with co-founder Ami Ben David


Episode #470: Putting context and Donna Moss in your pocket – with Donna co-founder Kevin Cheng


Why you should consider building your own geolocation application for your community – with Lawrence Coburn, CEO of DoubleDutch.me


Episode #491: How DoubleDutch pivoted twice, raised $20m and amassed 500,000 users while making it look easy – with co-founder Lawrence Coburn


Car vending machines, tv ads that follow you & Virgin’s SeatView + Ryan Laul of dTheory

Duda Mobile

Duda Mobile: How to build a mobile website to drive revenue and brand engagement – with Itai Sadan, co-founder and CEO


Episode #490: Capitalizing on the geofence of interest – with Earshot co-founder David Rush


Why The Economist launched their daily smartphone app Espresso – with Digital Editor Tom Standage


5 Steps to Appiness with EndLoop’s Ken Seto


The iPad isn’t a bigger iPod or portable media player, it’s a kick-ass productivity tool according to Endloop’s Ken Seto


Episode #436: How culture impacts success in mobile – with Ericsson ConsumerLab’s Jasmeet Sethi

Ericsson Canada

Why Ericsson’s vision of 50 billion connected devices, once achieved, will change the definition of communication with Dragan Nerandzic, CTO of Ericsson Canada.

Ethical Bean Coffee

Ethical Bean Coffee: How a fair trade coffee roaster is using mobile to sell product – with co-founder Lloyd Bernhardt


Greener, leaner and disruptive


Episode #458: How Evernote became an overachieving toddler – with COO Ken Gullicksen


How EveryTrail brings real-time to your travel experiences — whether it’s a hike in the woods or a run around the world. With Joost Schreve


How Evzdrop uses the interest network to drive footfall for their customers – with co-founder David Rush


This Week in Location Based Marketing #102: Wheelz, Weve and Waze plus David Rush, co-founder of Evzdrop


How mobile can humanize artificial intelligence – with ExpertMaker co-founder Lars Hard


This Week in Location Based Marketing #100: Bytelight, Klash and the Green Giant + special guest Erica McClenney of Expion


This Week in Location Based Marketing #140: Looking back or thinking ahead


Micro location marketing in the malls of the world with FastMall’s CEO Sam Feuer


FastSociety: Why personality and branding are more important than engineering – with co-founder Matthew Rosenberg


Episode #473: From idea to TechCrunch in 8 weeks – with FindIt co-founder Levi Belnap


Fjord: How to create a mobile strategy that supports your business – with CEO Olof Schybergson

Flixel Photos

From the ashes of Twitter’s development community comes living photo company Flixel – with co-founder Bretton MacLean


Changing the application development business model by making it accessible to web developers with Sam Abadir from FlyCast.fm and AppMobi.com


Fondu: How and why this startup started, stopped and refocused all within their first 6 months in business – with co-founder Gauri Manglik


Fooducate: How mobile is the first step to better eating – with co-founder Hemi Weingarten


Consolidate the check-in economy by adding value – insights from FootFeed CEO and co-founder, Dennis Mink


Forecast: How to use mobile to influence the future – with co-founder René Pinnell


Episode #489: How to find mobile revenue in emerging economies – with Jacob Hauskens of Fortumo


How foursquare is changing the game from “search” to “find” – with Holger Luedorf


Holger Luedorf and the Evolution of foursquare


How Foursquare sees their role in mobile commerce, NFC and the competitive landscape – with Holger Luedorf (Part 3)


How Foursquare drives foot trafic for merchants and their plans for monetization – with Holger Luedorf (Part 2)


How Foursquare is influencing destination, discovery and price – with Holger Luedorf, VP Mobile (Part 1)

Fresh Fluff

The art and skill of launching a mobile app – with FreshFluff founder John Casey


How mobile brings private coaches and athletes together – with CoachUp founder Jordan Fliegel


How FUZdesigns Kickstarted their way to over $1.2 million in pre-orders – with co-founder Cameron Gibbs

Game Insight

Episode #450: How NARR8 is rethinking the publishing industry and keeping everything free – with Darya Trushkina


GameSlam: How “watch and play” connects sports fans and their smartphones with their passion – with co-founder Kenny Mazursky


How Gazaro Protect helps you get the best price for your consumer electronics purchase with CEO Alexander Rink


Geotoko: Defining real-time location based analytics at the same time the industry develops — With Adarsh Pallian


Getaround: How they plan on disrupting the car rental industry through your smartphone – with CEO Sam Zaid

Getting Things Done

How mobile impacts productivity – with Getting Things Done author David Allen


The GigaOm Mobilize Conference wrap up with Kevin Tofel


The state of the mobile gaming industry according to Gigataur CEO Andrew Fisher


How mobile brought the chaos to media – with GigaOm senior writer Mathew Ingram


Gigwalk: How they are creating a “just in time” mobile workforce – with co-founder Ariel Seidman


How beacons are becoming the glue that binds the physical and digital world – with Gimbal COO Kevin Hunter


Contact context in the palm of your hand with GIST CEO T.A. McCann


Why mobile social discovery is the next emerging trend – with Glancee co-founder Alberto Tretti


How a passionate mobile game developer is turning a niche idea into a business with the help from a billionaire

Global Bay Mobile

Global Bay Mobile: How mobile will bring the death of the cash register – with Harlan Eplan

Global Delight

EP #513: Global Delight’s path to 1 million downloads in 40 days with Guru Kamath


Zappos Labs Director Will Young on being a Canadian in the Bay


Google CFO Patrick Pichette on being a Canadian in the Bay

Google Travel

If things could speak with Rob Torres of Google Travel

Graphite Software

EP #503: How mobile turns outdoor media into interactive canvases – with Bluebite co-founder Mikhail Damiani

Graphite Software

EP #502: The Secure Space just beyond the limit of app trust – with Graphite co-founder Alec Main


Why Grapple Mobile has invested $9M to make mobile application development faster with Alistair Crane, CEO and Founder


Location IS the OS + Jeff White of Gravy


Go on take the money and run


NightAlly: Why branding needs to be part of the mobile product planning process – with founder Robert Smith


How Gymtrack will change the gym and how 500 Startups changed their business – with co-founder Lee Silverstone

Hatch Labs

Episode #462: How to build an enduring mobile company – with Hatch Labs founder Dinesh Moorjani


This Week in Location Based Marketing #161: Let there be POWER!


This Week in Location Based Marketing #162: Ten thousand predictions for 2014


This Week in Location Based Marketing #106: Saudi men track their wives and mannequins track your shopping.


Answering the question: Is mobile hardware relevant? With IDC Senior Analyst Krista Napier


This Week in Location Based Marketing #141: An insult to Naughty by Nature

iLoop Mobile

How to use mobile in the hospitality industry – with Michael Ahearn, VP Strategic Marketing at iLoop

iLoop Mobile

iLoop Mobile: How to truly engage with your customers through mobile – with co-founder Michael Ahearn

Impact Mobile

Impact Mobile: If mobile isn’t driving tonnage it’s just bells and whistles – with CEO Gary Schwartz

Impact Mobile

Gary Schwartz’s Fast Shopper. Slow Store: How to increase conversions by engaging consumers through mobile

Impact Mobile

EP #506: How the Internet of Things turns the world into an app – with author Gary Schwartz

Impact Mobile

How to deal with the promiscuous shopper – with author Gary Schwartz

Impact Mobile

Follow reach and frequency to decide when you invest in mobile – Gary Schwartz, Chair of the MEF

Impact Mobile

This Week in Location Based Marketing #130: Mapping hate and printing hope

Indoor Atlas

Predicting predictions arrival

Inedible Software

How an economics major partnered with a physics major and built an app that has been downloaded over 6 Million times — With Eddie Marks and James Anthony of Inedible Software


EP #520: How to capitalize on the practical versus the possible of the Internet of Things – with Infobright CEO Don DeLoach

Ingenious Med

Episode #466: How Ingenious Med helps hospitals earn revenue through mobile – with VP Krina Patel


Strategies and tactics for entering the mobile fray in China – with InMobi’s Piyush Shah


How mobile influences what we by, when we buy it and how we pay for it – with Anne Frisbie of InMobi


InMobi: How to use mobile advertising to test, launch and sell product – with Anne Frisbie


Big Data, Small Screen: Location-Based Services 2.0 – with Kevin Foreman of INRIX


Why data is the new new frontier for mobile entrepreneurs – with INRIX Director of Communications Jim Bak

Instant Heart Rate

How Instant Heart Rate got to more than 1,000,000 downloads in less than 3 months with Peter Kuhar

Involution Studios

EP #504: Design is medicine with Juhan Sonin of Involution Studios


How to find your next highly-qualified iPhone developer with no effort thanks to iPhoneAppQuotes.com — with Gregg Weiss


Episode #499: CROWDSOURCED with iWinks co-founders Daniel Schoonover and Andrew Smiley

JetBlue Airways

How JetBlue Airways uses mobile to create loyalty and drive revenue – with Jonathan Stephen, head of mobile


Justin.tv: The driving force behind the disruption of the broadcast industry – with CEO Michael Seibel


Episode #430: Kantar: How the mobile device is becoming a portable pervasive pinhole to real time insight – with Guy Rolfe

Khan Academy

Episode #454: How the Khan Academy is approaching mobile learning – with founder Sal Khan


Episode #468: Why mobile is about owning the moment and not keeping users hostage by incentive – with Kiip co-founder Brian Wong


Contagious billboards, smart canes and Tweeting potholes + Trevor Longino of Kontakt.io


Groceries are hot + Ian Dallimore of Lamar


Layar: How augmented reality will help democratize data – With co-founder Maarten Lens-FitzGerald


How LevelUp solves the two largest merchant pains: High interchange costs and customer loyalty – with co-founder Michael Hagan

Lextech Labs

How to turn the price of your product into a viral marketing campaign — with Alex Bratton


Life360: Why building a mobile company isn’t as easy as you think – with co-founder Chris Hulls

LifeLife Response

How this mobile dead-man switch has saved 4 lives – with LifeLine Response founder Peter Cahill


Episode #496: Why controlling quality of service controls your mobile destiny – with LiveQoS co-founder Matthew Williams

Local Market Launch

TWiLBM #180: The human blackbox

Local Market Launch

TWiLBM #182: When patrons take over

Local Market Launch

TWiLBM #184: Up-Chuck E. Cheese

Local Market Launch

TWiLBM #183: Stop sucking our bandwidth Netflix

Local Market Launch

TWiLBM #181: Hashtag commerce, excess food and Nivea’s print genius


Localmind: Scoble’s favourite app from SXSW let’s you know what’s going on somewhere before you arrive – with co-founder Beau Haugh


Localmind co-founder Lenny Rachitsky’s 3 takeaways for any product launch (Part 2)


This Week in Location Based Marketing #114: Facebook’s Graph Search and location + Grant Ritchie of Locationary

Lord & Taylor

Why all eTail eventually goes to retail – with Ryan Craver


My first year in a mobile startup with Lowdown co-founder David Senior


Loyalize: How companies and brands can use mobile to bridge the distance between our couch and our televisions – with CEO Todd Greene

Lumi Mobile

Episode #434: Why data is the new oil – with Dan Foreman of Lumi Mobile


Episode #486: 17 user experience tips that will make your mobile strategy succeed – with Macadamian’s Scott Plewes


How your organization needs to change in order to truly embrace mobile – with Johann Huber-Gutierrez

Magmic Games

How to leverage relationships to build mobile brands — Magmic style

Magmic Games

Case Study: How to launch the New York Times Crosswords to the mobile world — the 2 year (+) overnight success.


How an open mind and a chance encounter changed this business forever with Mahana co-founders Bryan Menell and Richard Bagdonas


How beacons bring service back in to focus – with Mahana co-founders Bryan Menell and Richard Bagdonas

Maker Space North

Blackberry not so cool, app dev companies are a money pit and Bitcoin ATM’s are for drug dealers – with Kyle McInnes of Maker Space North


How MapDing has turned local shopping into a passive mobile experience — With co-founder Chad Lomax

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment

Why mobile is front and center for fan engagement at Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment – with John McCauley

Maritz Canada

Mobile is killing the phrase “hope and pray” in marketing with Maritz Canada Executive Creative Director, Sean Claessen


Marmalade: Why mobile will be the next great battle for the television industry – with CTO Tim Closs

Massive Damage

Why earning over $300,000 with one app wasn’t enough to keep Ken Seto in that business

Media Experts

Trying to make a living in mobile? Why not become an advocate for your client, not the mobile industry says Media Experts’ Richard Ivey

Media Mojos

Emerging as a top influencer in the mobile industry with Marjorie DeHey Daleo


Brett Serjeantson, CEO of MediaMiser, on the disruptive impact that mobile is having on the PR industry


EP #521: Wearables and the evolution of the pro athlete – with GestureLogic CEO Len MacEachern


Ask a VC – with Foundation Capital partner Anamitra Banerji


How a side project became the company – with Memoir co-founder Lee Hoffman

Merchant Warehouse

Episode #494: How to bring mobile payments to your business – with Marc Castrechini of Merchant Warehouse


A dozen applications in and Matthew Formica is still focused on finding the next uncharted iPhone application


MFSoftware: A year in the life of a bootstrapped mobile applications company – with founder Matthew Formica

Miami Dophins

How do the Miami Dolphins use mobile to deepen the relationship with their fans in the stadium and out – with Tery Howard, CTO

Misfit Wearables

How Shine went from idea to the shelves of the Apple stores in 9 months – with Misfit Wearables founder Sonny Vu


Episode #439: How photo book app Mosaic is ringing in the digital slow goods era – with Caleb Elston

MLH Software

The classic definition of an AppPreneur? Working the new 9-5 with Michael Hawkins of MLHSoftware

Moasis Global

Episode #475: How to use location to grow your bottom line – with Moasis co-founder Ryan Golden

Mobile First

Spotlight on M-Commerce: MobileFirst CEO Kevin Spector talks mobile payments

Mobile Future Institute

Episode #461: Mobile Influence and the new power of the consumer with author Chuck Martin

Mobile Groove

EP #511: How to build a mobile app business – with Apponomics author Peggy Anne Salz

Mobile Marketing Association

An introduction to the Mobile Marketing Association with Jonathan Stephen

Mobile Marketing Association

Mobile has gone from primordial soup to interstellar travel in 3 short years and this is just the beginning – with Michael Becker, Managing Director Mobile Marketing Association North America

Mobile Mixed

EP #500: 9 SMS and mobile marketing tactics you can use today – with Greg Hickman author of the SMS Marketing Handbook


MobileFuse: How to work with a mobile ad network to control and build your brand – with CEO Ken Harlan


Entrepreneurship and App development: How to succeed by filling holes with Aaron Kardell


Episode #485: How to start your mobile project the right way – with Mobilosophy co-founder Mathew Lazarus


This Week in Location Based Marketing #160: Live from MoDevEast


This Week in Location Based Marketing #154: All your locations are belonging to us

Modiv Media

Modiv Media: How to bring mobile commerce to your business to sell product to your customers – with SVP John Caron

Modiv Media

How the socialization of mobile commerce will impact the industry – with John Caron of Modiv Media


MomentFeed: How to measure your location based marketing investment – with founder Rob Reed

Mondelez International

This Week in Location Based Marketing #101: McDonalds, Square-eh? and the Stamped rant + special guest Ed Kaczmarek of Mondelez


MoreMagic: How mobile commerce and banking can lift entire economies – with CEO Pankaj Gulati


Text isn’t dead, it’s just underrated but that’s about to change – with Mosio CEO Noel Chandler


How MotherApp is trying to eliminate the cross-platform mobile development pain by automating it


Episode #443: How Moves combines walking and mobile to create an effortless app – with co-founder Sampo Karjalainen


Movl: How mobile is closing the distance between our couch and our television – with cofounder Alan Queen


mTrip: How a little augmented reality and itinerary magic makes mobile your travel bible – with Frederic de Pardieu


How MTV is thriving in a multi-screen, mobile-first world – with Joe Lalley, VP Digital Products

Mutual Mobile

Mutual Mobile: Bootstrapping a mobile application development company to 100+ employees – With co-founder Tarun Nimmagadda


myRete: How they reached 3 million downloads, 2 billion text messages and $1 million in revenue with their first product, WhosHere – with co-founder Stephen Smith


Deckster: How to design, manufacture, fund and brand a high-end mobile accessory company – with co-founder Dom Coballe


LoKast: How to adapt when you are in front of the curve – with CEO Boris Bogatin


How Nearverse enables location-based, context driven commerce – with CEO Boris Bogatin


NeoMedia: How the QR code has emerged as the perfect gateway for mobile marketing – with CEO Laura Marriott


What is the hyper local app economy – with Marco Argenti of Nokia

Nomadic Uno

Selling blood for tickets + Wojtek Hoch of Nomadic Uno


Episode #455: How this first-time mobile entrepreneur was featured 3 times by Apple – with Ben Broca, founder of Now


The future of food label transparency will reside on your smartphone — with Paula Patrice, CTO of NutriSleuth


Episode #482: How Nymi is solving identity by the beat of your heart – with co-founder Karl Martin

Olive Media

Why there is much more to be done to make sure mobile advertising does its job — With Olive Media President Simon Jennings


OnStar: Why the future of the automobile starts on the dashboard – with Steve Schwinke, Director of Advanced Technology


Episode #435: From noodles and hot sauce to funding in 9 weeks – with OOOMF co-founder Mikael Cho


Episode #437: The 9 skills you need to launch your app – with OOOMF co-founder Mikael Cho


Openera: How constant refining led to a beer-stained termsheet – with founder Peter Lalonde


This Week in Location Based Marketing #155: Pinpointing, knocking and reducing the cheese


ORDR.in: Why mobile is THE breakthrough for restaurants – with founder David Bloom


This Week in Location Based Marketing #99: eBay pulls itself together


Episode #495: CROWDSOURCED with Ozobot founder Nader Hamda

Participant Media

Participant Media: How the documentary Waiting for Superman has spawned a mobile movement to help save the US education system – With Wendy Cohen, Victoria Estevez and Cecil Odom


How PasswordBox passed Gmail as the #1 productivity app on their way to over 1M downloads – with CEO Dan Robichaud


PayPal: Why the carriers and the cloud are essential to mCommerce – with Nick Macilveen, Director of Carrier Partnerships


Episode #428: How mobile enables agile deployment in enterprises – with Steve Kraus of Pegasystems


How to Build a Communications Platform for Today’s Hospital


How mobile is changing the healthcare industry – with PerfectServe CEO Terry Edwards


The future of alumni management is through a mobile device – with Sarin Shah, co-founder of Persource


The cross-platform battle shifts to mobile and PhoneGap is arming up with Andre Charland and Fil Maj of Nitobi


How Piictu is balancing attracting users and earning revenue – with founder Jon Slimak (Part 3)


How Piictu is capitalizing on the changing role of the mobile photograph – with founder Jon Slimak (Part 2)


How Piictu is capitalizing on the changing role of the mobile photograph – with founder Jon Slimak (Part 1)

Ping Identity

Episode #492: Why controlling identity is the first step to the Internet of Things – with Paul Madsen of Ping Identity

Ping Mobile

Episode #444: How to succeed using location based marketing – with Ping Mobile’s Shuli Lowy


PlaceIQ: How location, time of day, the weather and our mood add context to what and where we buy – with co-founder Duncan McCall


This Week in Location Based Marketing #129: We are on the fringe


Want to know what the power of free is? How about 3,000,000 downloads ignited by a passion. Here’s Dana Peters’ story about Planets

Plastic Mobile

How Plastic Mobile’s Innovation Lab turns ideas into mobile products – with Sep Seyedi and Jason Hyde

Plastic Mobile

Plastic Mobile: How a mobile application influenced the way we order pizza, became a top download and won a Webby Award – with co-founder Melody Adhami

Plastic Mobile

Why now is the time to build a virtual reality company – with irisVR co-founders Shane Scranton and Nate Beatty

Plastic Mobile

How the Internet of Things is turning HVAC into an operating system – with Nicholas Lea of Nortec

Polar Mobile

Surviving the Post-PC Media Landscape – with Polar Mobile CEO Kunal Gupta


Is the heart of the mobile app economy still beating – with Pollen founder Martin Macmillan


How PONGR brings brands and brand lovers together on a mobile without an app — With cofounder Jamie Thompson

Pontiflex Inc.

Why mobile is killing eCPM, apps should be free and developers should get paid more with Pontiflex CEO Zephrin Lasker and VP of Mobile Brian Long

Poynt Corporation

Poynt: From zero to 70,000,000 monthly local searches in two years – with CEO Andrew Osis


Why publishers need to move quickly in mobile and how they can start earning revenue – with Pressly CEO Jeff Brenner (Part 3)


How Pressly landed the Toronto Star as their first marquee client – with CEO Jeff Brenner (Part 2)


How Pressly is moving publishers into the tablet era – with CEO Jeff Brenner (Part 1)


10 ways to sell more mobile apps – with Pretzil co-founder Kyle McInnes

Project NOAH

How Project Noah plans on generating revenue from the (smart) mob – with co-founder Yasser Ansari

Project NOAH

How investing in Project Noah may have saved National Geographic’s business – with Project Noah co-founder Yasser Ansari

Project NOAH

How Project Noah is using mobile to give voice to the citizen scientist – with co-founder Yasser Ansari


Our moment of Zen + Thomas Walle Jensen of Proxbook

Proximity Canada

Think realistically when considering augmented reality – With Matt Di Paolo, Senior VP at Proximity Canada.


Episode #446: Entering the era of real-time mobile infrastructure as a service – with PubNub co-founder Todd Greene


How PumpOne generates revenue through app sales and subscriptions. Hint: The product delivers…and then some.

Punchkick Interactive

How smartphones are becoming the new candy bar for content consumption with Ryan Unger, co-founder and CTO of Punchkick Interactive

PushPoint Mobile

This Week in Location Based Marketing #111: The telematics war, fiscal cliff & Guatemalan hijack


QIK: How a mobile video company sold to SKYPE for $150 million – with co-founder Bhaskar Roy


QRANK: How this location aware game has a 70% player retention rate — with CEO Rodney Gibbs


Why you should be using QR codes to engage with your customers right now – with Patrick Donnelly, Founder of QRArts.com

Queens University

Special Series – The Impact of Mobile. Episode 2: Education & Learning with Sidneyeve Matrix

Queens University

How mobile is impacting the what, where, how and when of work with Sidneyeve Matrix

QuickPlay Media

QuickPlay: How mobile is disrupting premium video content consumption – With Mark Hyland, VP Sales and Marketing


Quipster: How to differentiate in the crowded location-based checkin market – with founder Krating Poonpol


The next phase in location aware applications? More real friends and fewer follows but all in context — With Sol Lipman from Rally Up.

Red Fish Media

Red Fish Media: Why mobile needs to be your go to strategy in marketing – with founder Matt McKenna

Retail Prophet

Mobile Retail: The Destination is You – with Doug Stephens of Retail Prophet

Retail Prophey

How does retail stand up to the barrage of mobile – with futurist Doug Stephens


Retailigence: How mobile is enabling the last mile of supply chain management – with founder Jeremy Geiger


Retail Prophet: What the coming retail and mobile collision means for consumers and retailers – with retail futurist Doug Stephens

Reveal Mobile

Down with Dengue Fever


Episode #464: How Revolv is automating home automation – with co-founder Mike Soucie


Episode #479: How and where to use mobile to help influence the buy decision – with RevTrax co-founder Jonathan Treiber


How Rhomobile Takes Modern Web Development Approaches to Let You Build Informational Smartphone Apps for All Devices Quickly with CEO Adam Blum


Ringleadr: Building a better Groupon by reversing the business model – with co-founder Mike Davis


How the Internet of Things can solve a niche problem – with Robin co-founder Sam Dunn


Episode #465: Where are all the robots? With Romotive co-founder Keller Rinaudo


Episode #456: How the smartphone is ushering in the age of the home robot – with Romotive co-founder Keller Rinaudo

Sage Board Games

How one company found a niche business porting board games to mobile – with Chris Ewington, founder of Sage Board Games

Sage Payment Solutions

Special Series-The Impact of Mobile. Episode 5: The Future of Cash with Greg Hammermaster of Sage Payment Solutions


How Scoople is using mobile to gather the collective sentiment of today’s news stories in real time – with co-founder Alain Mayer

Score Media

The Impact of mobile on traditional media with Tom Hearne, CFO Score Media

Score Media

How to build community around your brand by leveraging mobile with Score Media CFO Tom Hearne


Episode #453: How to increase reach, retention and revenue for your mobile app – with Scringo co-founder Ran Avrahamy


How SCVNGR is turning the world into a game, one location at a time – with Seth Priebatsch, Chief Ninja


Why the password must die for us to move forward – with SecureKey’s Andre Boysen


Episode #497: CROWDSOURCED with SeeSpace co-founder Dale Herigstad

Select Start Studios

How Select Start Studios is pioneering the way hospitals are using mobile with co-founders Tariq Zaid and Adam McNamara


EP #507: Why the Internet of Things is about connecting life, not devices – with Sense founder Rafi Haladjian


How mobile sensors will bring a new layer of context and relevance to marketing – with Sense360 co-founder Eli Portnoy


Build enterprise mobile applications quickly and affordably — with Julian White, CEO of Seregon

Session M

The true measure of mobile advertising – with Session M founder Lars Albright


Shazam: How this music discovery app is about to disrupt the television industry starting with the Super Bowl – with David Jones


Da da da daaaaa da + Erik McMillan of Shelfbucks

Shifty Jelly

Shifty Jelly: The story behind the Amazon Appstore story – with co-founder Russell Ivanovic


ShopCatch: How to use mobile to convert pedestrians into customers – with creator Candice Faktor


How to use mobile to increase brand loyalty – with Alexis Rask of Shopkick


This Week in Location Based Marketing #103: Innovation from Pretzil, Spotbros and Blippar plus Alexis Rask of Shopkick


Reinvent fluid pricing? Have your app downloaded millions of times? All in a day’s work for Shopsavvy — with Rylan Barnes


How ShownTo.me combines open data with location to give context a new meaning with founder Ethan Van Den Berg

Siamese Systems

Episode #469: How to tackle big issues for big rewards with Siamese Systems co-founder Alex Kottoor


Sidebar: Helping companies make money in mobile by personalizing the long tail – with CEO Patrick Kennedy

Simon-Kucher & Partners

How to make cash from Apps with Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian of Simon-Kucher & Partners


Sincerely: How their first product, Postagram, is reinventing the postcard – with co-founder Matt Brezina

Siteworx Inc.

Siteworx: Why your mobile strategy needs to be a C-level priority – with co-founder Tim McLaughlin

Sixth Sense Media

Why mobile is becoming more about customer loyalty and lifetime value than customer acquisition – with John Orlando of Sixth Sense Media

Skyhook Wireless

Beacons, beacons, beacons and a wearable drone + SchneiderMike from Skyhook Wireless

Skyreader Media

How mobile is re-inventing the definition of a book – with Skyreader Media CTO Stephen Davis

Skyreader Media

How mobile is enabling the next generation of authors and publishers – with Skyreader Media CTO Stephen Davis

Smartr Contacts

Smartr Contacts: How mobile enabled them to reinvent the concept and relevancy of a contact – with Michael Albers

Smash Your Food

How a mobile game is changing children’s eating habits – with Smash Your Food co-founders Marta and Frederic De Wulf


Recipe for success according to SMRTGuard’s Rob Kao: Start your company during the financial ruin of 2009 and then make some lemonade.


Bringing music to the masses one iPhone at a time with Ge Wang from SMULE


The impact of mobile on music and learning an instrument with Ge Wang of SMULE


How to effectively use mobile marketing to drive revenue for your business – with SnapHop founder Wen Tian (Part 3)


How SnapHop found a niche automating time consuming mobile marketing activities – with founder Wen Tian (Part 2)


How to move your business forward with mobile marketing – with SnapHop founder Wen Tian (Part 1)

Snip Snap

Nothing says Christmas like Membo, WayRay and the Samsung piano + Gary Johnson of ESRI

Snip Snap

Absolut-ly IoT, treats for cookies and Walmart’s mobile payments grand entrance + Ted Mann of SnipSnap

SNR Denton

Trust – the final frontier in mobile commerce with Todd Daubert, Partner, SNR Denton


Sonar: How can mobile enable location-based serendipity – with co-founder Brett Martin


Who needs a Super Bowl ad when you hire right and focus on usability. SoundHound and the ultimate playlist.


SpotOn: How they are creating the Netflix of mobile recommendation engines for restaurants, bars and coffee houses – with co-founder Gauri Manglik

Spreed Inc.

How Spreed Inc. built a product, landed the Globe and Mail and evolved into a platform with Dave Coleman, Director of Marketing


Sprout: Why HTML 5 is the natural choice for in app advertising – with co-founder Carnet Williams


How publishers are leading the way in the HTML5 vs Native app debate – with InMobi’s Carnet Williams


Why 50,000 monthly active users weren’t enough to stop his company from pivoting – with Spun co-founder Scott Lindenbaum


Spy Am I: How this location-based mobile massively multiplayer online game helps build brand regency and loyalty – with co-founder Darren Pye


Squawkme: Location-based video sharing is coming of age – with founder Arash Mahin


How a connected light led to an internet of things operating system – with Spark.io CEO Zach Supalla


Is that every concert you’ve ever seen in your pocket? Yup. And Rush Doshi, founder of SuperGlued, says that’s just the start of your personalized concert tour.


5 key lessons SAP has learned about bringing mobile into the Fortune 100 companies with Gary Kovacs, Senior VP of Sybase (an SAP company)

Sylien Games

Episode #448: How this first-time entrepreneur built his mobile games company – with Sylien Games founder Sylvain Rochon


How Sympatico Mobile became Canada’s one-stop shop for mobile – including running the country’s largest mobile ad network – with Brad Cressman, Director of Sales & Marketing


How TabbedOut is using smartphones to allow you to pay your restaurant or bar tab without handing over your credit card – with CEO Rick Orr

Tagga Media

How mobile is the natural extension to all aspects of media with Tagga Media CEO, Amielle Lake


Buying and selling at local estate sales, garage sales and flea markets with your smartphone in hand just got easier — with TagSellIt.com’s co-founder, Matthew Dorman

Tandem Enterprises

Tandem Entrepreneurs: Why this fund is focusing all their efforts on the mobile industry – with co-founder Doug Renert

Tap Me!

TapMe: How a game development company became an in-game advertising platform – with CEO Joshua Hernandez


Episode #477: Is NFC the Billy Beane of the mobile era – with David Shalaby of TapTrack

Tasti D-Lite LLC

This Week in Location Based Marketing #98: Our best show ever – with BJ Emerson of Tasti D-Lite


Why Web developers like Jordan Boesch, founder of TaxiMe.ca, are changing the mobile application development landscape.


Teknision: RIM’s secret sauce behind the BlackBerry PlayBook user experience – with co-founder Gabor Vida


TekTrak: Can a pound of prevention lead to a million users – with founder Arik Waldman


Tello: How giving every customer a mobile soapbox and megaphone can make your business better – with founder Joe Beninato


Why the calendar is the next mobile operating system – with Tempo founder Raj Singh


How Tether succeeds despite its competition being built in the product it was meant to work with — with Patrick Hankinson


Are we messing with Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution? Text-Neck and its impact on mobile users with Dr. Dean Fishman


How textPlus is attacking the phone stack and why 25,000,000 downloads is just the start – with co-founder Scott Lahman

The Location Based Marketing Association

Why location-based marketing deserves a unified voice with LBMA President Asif Khan

The Location Based Marketing Association

The death of geo – with LBMA Founder, Asif Khan

The Mobile Future Institute

The Third Screen: How mobile is changing the game and why businesses need to get on board…Now – with author Chuck Martin

The Mobile Marketing Association

How much of your marketing budget you should be investing in mobile – with MMA CEO Greg Stuart

The Score

Episode #457: Why The Score sold their television channel to focus on mobile – with CFO Tom Hearne

The Tap Lab

The Tap Lab: How their first location-based game keeps players engaged for 25 minutes a day – with co-founder Dave Bisceglia


How TheFind.com brings 400 million products from 500,000 merchants to your smartphone and is reshaping mobile shopping with Ramneek Bhasin, VP of mobile


How TheFind became the number one mobile app in the brand new “Catalog” category in Apple’s AppStore – with Ramneek Bhasin, VP Mobile


EP #505: Behind the scenes of a mobile startup – with Thinknear co-founder Eli Portnoy


X is getting closer to the spot – with Thinknear’s Eli Portnoy


ThinkNear: How to drive nearby customers into your business with mobile and not give away your profit – with founder Eli Portnoy


The locus of the location based advertising industry with Thinknear founder Eli Portnoy


The first 120 days – Loren Hillberg’s transition from advisor to President of Thinknear


This Week in Location Based Marketing #137: Pinterest gets physical with Nordstrom

Tim Soo

Hacking music and why we need to adopt the hacker ethic to move humanity forward – with Tim Soo


Episode #442: Four minutes to funding with Timbre co-founder Mark Kasdorf

Tomi Ahonen

Mobile is the $5 trillion gorilla that is starting to absorb industries according to Tomi Ahonen and I believe him!


Finally, the first real reason to check in with Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook and Twitter – with Geoff Lewis, Founder and CEO of TopGuest


Tracks: How to make sure your product launch is the beginning and not the goal – with founder Vic Singh

Transcontinental Publishing

Why Apple’s iPad and other tablets won’t kill nor save the printing industry according to Transcontinental Media VP, Dominique-Sébastien Forest


How Trippeo is using mobile and context to kill manual expense management – with co-founder Adarsh Pallian

Tristan Interactive

How Tristan Interactive leverages partners to market their platform

Triton Digital

Triton Digital: How they are using mobile to move radio from broadcasting to conversation making – with EVP Marketing, Patrick Reynolds

Triton Digital

Episode #487: Why the car dashboard is the key for digital radio supremacy – with Triton Digital’s Patrick Reynolds

Triton Digital

Why the “pay-for” radio era isn’t making money yet – with Patrick Reynolds

Triton Digital

Why the future of all media starts with mobile – with Patrick Reynolds of Triton Digital


Episode #424: Why you should never leave trust to chance especially in mobile – with TRUSTe VP Richard Qiu


How Tungle.me extended their service on to smartphones with Marc Gingras


Don’t run when your provider becomes your competitor — differentiate! With Mark Pavlidis and Brett MacLean, co-founders of Tweetagora


How Twilio helps grow an ecosystem of billion dollar companies – with CMO Lynda Smith


Episode #452: From novelty apps to the cusp of a new trend – the evolution of Twist’s Edward Marks


Senior Twitter software engineer Nolan O’Brien on being a Canadian in the Bay


Übermind: How ignoring mobile in your company will become an existential threat – with co-founder Shehryar Khan

Ubiqi Health

How mobile and big data are contributing to the rise of preventative healthcare – with Ubiqi Health co-founder Jacqueline Thong


How mobile will save the television industry – with Umami co-founder, Scott Rosenberg


How Unsocial turns your iPhone or Android phone into a location-based sandwich board with co-founder Kiran Modak


The future of mobile mapping should be as real-time as a Twitter post — With Danny Moon, co-founder of UpNext


This Week in Location Based Marketing #132: Radio, mail and fishing – kicking it old school


This Week in Location Based Marketing #131: The hunger (games) episode

Urban Airship

Episode #440: How Urban Airship plans on becoming a part of the mobile plumbing – with CEO Scott Kveton

Urban Airship

How did Urban Airship grow revenue 600% in 1 year – with CEO Scott Kveton

Urban Airship

Why the smart watch is the remote control for our lives – with Brent Hieggelke of Urban Airship

Urban Airship

Urban Airship: How developers can make more money from their mobile applications – with Scott Kveton, CEO and co-founder

Vanedge Capital

How to accelerate app store payments to fund your business – with Pollen founder Martin MacMillan

Vanedge Capital

Ask a VC with Moe Kermani of Vanedge Capital


How The Variety Group has brought their publishing business to mobile – with founder Neil Stiles


VaynerMedia, The New Jersey Nets and Gowalla strike again and why EVERY brand, big or small, should be using location-based marketing — With Sam Taggart


Case Study: New Jersey Nets + Gowalla + Sam Taggart = VaynerMedia rewriting the book on location-based marketing


Is Text-to-Speech ready for prime-time? vBookz co-founder Dror Kalisky thinks so

Vegas Tech Fund

Ask a VC with Vegas Tech Fund partner Will Young

Verve Mobile

This Week in Location Based Marketing #157: Of beacons, previsits and (location based) bombs


Episode #463: Wineries, the SoLoMo movement and the power of context – with VinTank founder Paul Mabray


How the mobile wallet is helping VISA knock out its biggest competitor: Cash – with Tom Purves

Vistar Media

Why engagement is the key to mobile gaming success – with Fuel founder Alan Price

Vistar Media

How to bridge mobile and digital out of home advertising – with Vistar CEO Michael Provenzano


This Week in Location Based Marketing #158: Location-based toxic sludge


How Voalte built an app that literally saves lives with Trey Lauderdale, Chief Innovation Office


Can you pay someone to download your apps? Rob Weber, co-founder of Apperang thinks so.


How Waspit is targeting tweens for their mobile payment service to establish trust and create awareness – With Richard Steggal, founder and CEO


Jim Maynard’s vision of Canada as a global and dominant leader in mobile and wireless – now is the time to move and move fast.

WillowTree Apps

Episode #447: How the Barclays Center and Brooklyn Nets embraced mobile to enhance the in-game experience – with WillowTree Apps VP Design Blake Sirach

Winfield & Co.

On the job learning: The story of how a few drinks and a beard app cemented a partnership with Vijay Mathews and Chris Auyeung


Fight above your belt weight…but keep reality in your view


Episode #471: Why mobile is poised to become video’s first screen – with Wistia co-founder Chris Savage


EP #519: What happens when you can talk back to the radio – with XAPPmedia founder Pat Higbie


BlackBerry gets the Xobni treatment and gives mobile searching a great user interface — with Michael Holzer


Xtify: Why the combination of persistent location and in-app messaging will kill SMS as a marketing tool – With Josh Rochlin, CEO

Yellow Pages Group

Why YellowPages.ca is giving away their data and how this will help the mobile industry – with Stephane Marceau, Chief Marketing Officer


Episode #438: The Yobongo story: From a SXSW launch to acquisition in 1 year – with founder Caleb Elston


Yobongo: Rethinking the way mobile group messaging should done – With Caleb Elston, co-founder and CEO


This Week in Location Based Marketing #108: Google’s brilliant map strategy + Christian Geissendoerfer of Yoose

You I Labs

Learn to adapt: From Custom Apps to the forefront of UI


How to leverage a personal brand to build a company with “Heroes” star Greg Grunberg, co-founder of Yowza


How Zaarly went from idea to Ashton Kutcher to $14.1 million to Meg Whitman in 7 months – with co-founder Eric Koester


How Zappos services and sells to the mobile consumer – with Ian Klassen and Alex Kirmse


EP #509: How mobile will help retailers combat showrooming – with Yan Simard of ZapTap

Zeebu Mobile

Early childhood development or early brand awareness

Zeebu Mobile

Zeebu Mobile: What surviving a year in a mobile startup looks like — With Founder Anthony Rizk

Zerion Software

iFormBuilder: How mobile is killing the clipboard – with founder Sze Wong


Zite: How mobile can make news easier to find, consume and digest – with founder Ali Davar


Is Zoove.com the bridge between traditional media and new school marketing? Dov Cohn, VP Marketing and Product Development thinks so.


How simplicity leads to scale and success for Zoove with CEO Joe Gillespie

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