UNTETHER.base People List

This is a list of most of the people that have been on an episode or show. This is work in progress! Check here for this list ordered by company.

Aaron Kardell - MobileRealtyApps

Entrepreneurship and App development: How to succeed by filling holes with Aaron Kardell

Aaron Master - SoundHound

Who needs a Super Bowl ad when you hire right and focus on usability. SoundHound and the ultimate playlist.

Aaron Watkins - Appency

How to increase publicity for your mobile application launch with Aaron Watkins, co-founder of Appency.com

Adam Blum - Rhomobile

How Rhomobile Takes Modern Web Development Approaches to Let You Build Informational Smartphone Apps for All Devices Quickly with CEO Adam Blum

Adam Kahn - CBLabs

How CBLabs built their first mobile game, The Adventures of Timmy, without sticking to the rules – with Creative Director Adam Kahn

Adarsh Pallian - Geotoko

Geotoko: Defining real-time location based analytics at the same time the industry develops — With Adarsh Pallian

Alain Mayer - Scoople

How Scoople is using mobile to gather the collective sentiment of today’s news stories in real time – with co-founder Alain Mayer

Alan Queen - MOVL

Movl: How mobile is closing the distance between our couch and our television – with cofounder Alan Queen

Alberto Tretti - Glancee

Why mobile social discovery is the next emerging trend – with Glancee co-founder Alberto Tretti

Alec Main - Graphite Software

EP #502: The Secure Space just beyond the limit of app trust – with Graphite co-founder Alec Main

Alex Bratton - Lextech Labs

How to turn the price of your product into a viral marketing campaign — with Alex Bratton

Alex Danco - Backtrack

Why wearables should be about what you are solving not what you are measuring – with Backtrack co-founder Alex Danco

Alex Kottoor - Siamese Systems

Episode #469: How to tackle big issues for big rewards with Siamese Systems co-founder Alex Kottoor

Alexander Rink - Gazaro

How Gazaro Protect helps you get the best price for your consumer electronics purchase with CEO Alexander Rink

Alexis Rask - Shopkick

This Week in Location Based Marketing #103: Innovation from Pretzil, Spotbros and Blippar plus Alexis Rask of Shopkick

Alexis Rask - Shopkick

How to use mobile to increase brand loyalty – with Alexis Rask of Shopkick

Ali Davar - Zite

Zite: How mobile can make news easier to find, consume and digest – with founder Ali Davar

Alistair Crane - Grapple

Why Grapple Mobile has invested $9M to make mobile application development faster with Alistair Crane, CEO and Founder

Amber Mac - AmberMac.com

The Future of Social is Mobile – with Amber MacArthur

Ami Ben-David - DoAT

Do@: How one company is re-imagining mobile search – with co-founder Ami Ben David

Amielle Lake - Tagga Media

How mobile is the natural extension to all aspects of media with Tagga Media CEO, Amielle Lake

Anamitra Banerji - Memoir

Ask a VC – with Foundation Capital partner Anamitra Banerji

Andre Boysen - SecureKey

Why the password must die for us to move forward – with SecureKey’s Andre Boysen

Andre Charland, Fil Maj - PhoneGap

The cross-platform battle shifts to mobile and PhoneGap is arming up with Andre Charland and Fil Maj of Nitobi

Andrea Sanchez - Beergram

Episode #449: How Beergram builds loyalty and net new revenue for craft breweries through mobile – with founder Andrea Sanchez

Andrew Milne - BV02

What the music industry can teach educators about remaining relevant – with Yasser Ansari, Sidneyeve Matrix and Andrew Milne

Andrew Osis - Poynt Corporation

Poynt: From zero to 70,000,000 monthly local searches in two years – with CEO Andrew Osis

Andrew Paradise - AisleBuyer

The impact of mobile on commerce and the ewallet with Andrew Paradise, founder of AisleBuyer

Andrey Butov - Antair

Building a business by consistently solving a short term user pain with Andrey Butov, CEO of Antair

Andy Kleitsch - Billing Revolution

What’s the secret to mobile commerce? Frictionless transactions according to Billing Revolution CEO Andy Kleitsch

Aneil Mallavarapu - Blipboard

Lessons of a mobile startup while starting it up – with Blipboard co-founders Aneil Mallavarapu and Jason Fischl

Anne Frisbie - InMobi

How mobile influences what we by, when we buy it and how we pay for it – with Anne Frisbie of InMobi

Anne Frisbie - InMobi

InMobi: How to use mobile advertising to test, launch and sell product – with Anne Frisbie

Anthony Rizk - Zeebu Mobile

Early childhood development or early brand awareness

Anthony Rizk - Zeebu Mobile

Zeebu Mobile: What surviving a year in a mobile startup looks like — With Founder Anthony Rizk

Ariel Seidman - Gigwalk

Gigwalk: How they are creating a “just in time” mobile workforce – with co-founder Ariel Seidman

Arik Waldman - TekTrak

TekTrak: Can a pound of prevention lead to a million users – with founder Arik Waldman

Artyom Dogtiev - ComboApp

Episode #472: 5 steps to a successful mobile app launch – with ComboApp’s Art Dogtiev

Asash Mahin - SquawkMe

Squawkme: Location-based video sharing is coming of age – with founder Arash Mahin

Asif Khan - The Location Based Marketing Association

Why location-based marketing deserves a unified voice with LBMA President Asif Khan

Asif Khan - The Location Based Marketing Association

The death of geo – with LBMA Founder, Asif Khan

Barg Upender - Mobomo

This Week in Location Based Marketing #160: Live from MoDevEast

Beau Haugh - Localmind

Localmind: Scoble’s favourite app from SXSW let’s you know what’s going on somewhere before you arrive – with co-founder Beau Haugh

Ben Broca - Now

Episode #455: How this first-time mobile entrepreneur was featured 3 times by Apple – with Ben Broca, founder of Now

Ben Keighran - Chomp

50 Million app reviews and counting: How Chomp.com is highlighting the long tail of mobile applications through their discovery engine – with Founder & CEO, Ben Keighran

Bhaskar Roy - Qik

QIK: How a mobile video company sold to SKYPE for $150 million – with co-founder Bhaskar Roy

BJ Emerson - Tasti D-Lite LLC

This Week in Location Based Marketing #98: Our best show ever – with BJ Emerson of Tasti D-Lite

Blake Scholl - Barcode Hero

Barcodehero: How to be disruptive at the intersection of retail and mobile – With Co-Founder and CEO, Blake Scholl

Blake Sirach - WillowTree Apps

Episode #447: How the Barclays Center and Brooklyn Nets embraced mobile to enhance the in-game experience – with WillowTree Apps VP Design Blake Sirach

Boris Bogatin - NearVerse

LoKast: How to adapt when you are in front of the curve – with CEO Boris Bogatin

Boris Bogatin - Nearverse

How Nearverse enables location-based, context driven commerce – with CEO Boris Bogatin

Brad Cressman - Sympatico

How Sympatico Mobile became Canada’s one-stop shop for mobile – including running the country’s largest mobile ad network – with Brad Cressman, Director of Sales & Marketing

Mark Pavlidis, Brett MacLean - Tweetagora

Don’t run when your provider becomes your competitor — differentiate! With Mark Pavlidis and Brett MacLean, co-founders of Tweetagora

Brett Martin - Sonar

Sonar: How can mobile enable location-based serendipity – with co-founder Brett Martin

Brett Serjeantson - MediaMiser

Brett Serjeantson, CEO of MediaMiser, on the disruptive impact that mobile is having on the PR industry

Bretton MacLean - Flixel Photos

From the ashes of Twitter’s development community comes living photo company Flixel – with co-founder Bretton MacLean

Brian Reed - BoxTone

BoxTone’s Brian Reed on how his company is cashing in on the mobility gold rush

Brian Wong - Kiip

Episode #468: Why mobile is about owning the moment and not keeping users hostage by incentive – with Kiip co-founder Brian Wong

Bryan Menell - Mahana

EP #510: How beacons bring service back in to focus – with Mahana co-founders Bryan Menell and Richard Bagdonas

Caleb Elston - Yobongo

Episode #438: The Yobongo story: From a SXSW launch to acquisition in 1 year – with founder Caleb Elston

Caleb Elston - Yobongo

Yobongo: Rethinking the way mobile group messaging should done – With Caleb Elston, co-founder and CEO

Caleb Elston - Mixbook

Episode #439: How photo book app Mosaic is ringing in the digital slow goods era – with Caleb Elston

Cameron Gibbs - FUZdesigns

How mobile brings private coaches and athletes together – with CoachUp founder Jordan Fliegel

Cameron Gibbs - FUZdesigns

How FUZdesigns Kickstarted their way to over $1.2 million in pre-orders – with co-founder Cameron Gibbs

Cameron Gibbs - FUZdesigns

My first year in a mobile startup with Lowdown co-founder David Senior

Camille LeBlanc - BlancSpot

Can a mobile application allow you to experience the news – Camille LeBlanc, founder and CEO of Blancspot is making it happen

Candice Faktor - ShopCatch

ShopCatch: How to use mobile to convert pedestrians into customers – with creator Candice Faktor

Carnet Williams - Sprout

Sprout: Why HTML 5 is the natural choice for in app advertising – with co-founder Carnet Williams

Carnet Williams - Sprout

How publishers are leading the way in the HTML5 vs Native app debate – with InMobi’s Carnet Williams

Cas Ladha - Climbax

Episode #493: CROWDSOURCED with Climbax project lead Cas Ladha

Chad Lomax - MapDing

How MapDing has turned local shopping into a passive mobile experience — With co-founder Chad Lomax

Cheryl Yeoh - CityPockets

CityPockets: How this daily deals wallet uses mobile to bring relevancy to a fragmented market – with founder Cheryl Yeoh

Chetan Sharma - Chetan Sharma Consulting

EP #501: Why the state of our Mobile Union is rock solid – with Chetan Sharma

Vijay Mathews, Chris Auyeung - Winfield & Co.

On the job learning: The story of how a few drinks and a beard app cemented a partnership with Vijay Mathews and Chris Auyeung

Chris Ewington - Sage Board Games

How one company found a niche business porting board games to mobile – with Chris Ewington, founder of Sage Board Games

Chris Hulls - Life360

Life360: Why building a mobile company isn’t as easy as you think – with co-founder Chris Hulls

Chris MacLaren - Tristan Interactive

How Tristan Interactive leverages partners to market their platform

Chris Savage - Wistia

Episode #471: Why mobile is poised to become video’s first screen – with Wistia co-founder Chris Savage

Christian Geissendoerfer - Yoose

This Week in Location Based Marketing #108: Google’s brilliant map strategy + Christian Geissendoerfer of Yoose

Chuck Martin - Mobile Future Institute

Episode #461: Mobile Influence and the new power of the consumer with author Chuck Martin

Chuck Martin - The Mobile Future Institute

The Third Screen: How mobile is changing the game and why businesses need to get on board…Now – with author Chuck Martin

Craig Schlossberg - PumpOne

How PumpOne generates revenue through app sales and subscriptions. Hint: The product delivers…and then some.

Cree Lawson - Arrivalist

Why you should fear the ultimate centroid – with Arrivalist founder Cree Lawson

Cree Lawson - Arrivalist

Episode #480: How Arrivalist is helping bring the rumble back to the Atlantic City promenade – with founder Cree Lawson

Dale Herigstad - Seespace

Episode #497: CROWDSOURCED with SeeSpace co-founder Dale Herigstad

Damien Patton - Banjo

Why success for Banjo means you shouldn’t need to take your phone out of your pocket – with founder Damien Patton (Part 2)

Damien Patton - Banjo

From Desert Storm to NASCAR Chief Mechanic to founder and CEO of Banjo – with Damien Patton (Part 1)

Damien Patton - Banjo

How Banjo decides when to turn on revenue and the perils of doing that too soon – with founder Damien Patton (Part 3)

Dan Cornell - Denim Group

Smart Phones, Dumb Apps: Why you need to think security before laying code with Dan Cornell, CTO Denim Group

Dan Foreman - Lumi Mobile

Episode #434: Why data is the new oil – with Dan Foreman of Lumi Mobile

Dan Martell - Clarity

Dan Martell: Why this relentless entrepreneur has turned his focus to mobile

Dan Robichaud - PasswordBox

How PasswordBox passed Gmail as the #1 productivity app on their way to over 1M downloads – with CEO Dan Robichaud

Dana Peters - Planets

Want to know what the power of free is? How about 3,000,000 downloads ignited by a passion. Here’s Dana Peters’ story about Planets

Daniel Schoonover - iWinks

Episode #499: CROWDSOURCED with iWinks co-founders Daniel Schoonover and Andrew Smiley

Danny Moon - UpNext

The future of mobile mapping should be as real-time as a Twitter post — With Danny Moon, co-founder of UpNext

Darren Andes - Andesign

How Darren Andes turned his hobby into a business based on his life’s phases – from marriage to parenthood, there’s an app for that.

Darren Pye - SpyAmI

Spy Am I: How this location-based mobile massively multiplayer online game helps build brand regency and loyalty – with co-founder Darren Pye

Darya Trushkina - Game Insight

Episode #450: How NARR8 is rethinking the publishing industry and keeping everything free – with Darya Trushkina

Dave Bisceglia - The Tap Lab

The Tap Lab: How their first location-based game keeps players engaged for 25 minutes a day – with co-founder Dave Bisceglia

Dave Coleman - Spreed Inc.

How Spreed Inc. built a product, landed the Globe and Mail and evolved into a platform with Dave Coleman, Director of Marketing

Dave Offierski - Clip Mobile

Attacking the “making money with mobile applications” conundrum and winning with David Offierski of Clip Mobile

Dave Roesch - AAVCA

Episode #481: How Atlantic City uses mobile to move tourists into local businesses – with Dave Roesch of the ACCVA

Dave Struzzi - DaveStruzzi.com

The mobile application publicity playbook and why you need to start doing it today — With Dave Struzzi

David Bloom - ORDR.in

ORDR.in: Why mobile is THE breakthrough for restaurants – with founder David Bloom

David Book - Buzztouch

Episode #476: Why the coding is the easy part for mobile app developers – with Buzztouch founder David Book

David Jones - Shazam

Shazam: How this music discovery app is about to disrupt the television industry starting with the Super Bowl – with David Jones

David Lieb - BUMP

How $44 in marketing has generated 25 million downloads for BUMP – with co-founder and CEO David Lieb

David Lieb - BUMP

Episode #441: Cognitive overhead, the age of inference and a photo app named Flock – with Bump co-founder David Lieb

David Rush - Earshot

Episode #490: Capitalizing on the geofence of interest – with Earshot co-founder David Rush

David Rush - Evzdrop

How Evzdrop uses the interest network to drive footfall for their customers – with co-founder David Rush

David Rush - Evzdrop

This Week in Location Based Marketing #102: Wheelz, Weve and Waze plus David Rush, co-founder of Evzdrop

David Shalaby - TapTrack

Episode #477: Is NFC the Billy Beane of the mobile era – with David Shalaby of TapTrack

David Sikora - Digby

Special Series – The Impact of Mobile. Episode 4: Retail and Commerce with David Sikora of Digby

David Wachs - Cellit

Cellit: Why context and cadence are the most important pieces of your mobile marketing and commerce strategies – with company President, David Wachs

Dean Fishman - TextNext

Are we messing with Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution? Text-Neck and its impact on mobile users with Dr. Dean Fishman

Debbie Landa - Dealmaker Media

Does anyone have a spare triangle?

Dennis Mink - Footfeed

Consolidate the check-in economy by adding value – insights from FootFeed CEO and co-founder, Dennis Mink

Dinesh Moorjani - Hatch Labs

Episode #462: How to build an enduring mobile company – with Hatch Labs founder Dinesh Moorjani

Dom Coballe - N-Product

Deckster: How to design, manufacture, fund and brand a high-end mobile accessory company – with co-founder Dom Coballe

Dominique-Sébastien Forest - Transcontinental Publishing

Why Apple’s iPad and other tablets won’t kill nor save the printing industry according to Transcontinental Media VP, Dominique-Sébastien Forest

Don DeLoach - Infobright

EP #520: How to capitalize on the practical versus the possible of the Internet of Things – with Infobright CEO Don DeLoach

Doug Renert - Tandem Enterprises

Tandem Entrepreneurs: Why this fund is focusing all their efforts on the mobile industry – with co-founder Doug Renert

Doug Simpson - ChatTime

ChatTime: Why having 1 million mobile downloads is just the start – with co-founder Doug Simpson

Doug Stephens - RetailProphet

Retail Prophet: What the coming retail and mobile collision means for consumers and retailers – with retail futurist Doug Stephens

Dov Cohn - Zoove

Is Zoove.com the bridge between traditional media and new school marketing? Dov Cohn, VP Marketing and Product Development thinks so.

Dragan Nerandzic - Ericsson Canada

Why Ericsson’s vision of 50 billion connected devices, once achieved, will change the definition of communication with Dragan Nerandzic, CTO of Ericsson Canada.

Dror Kalisky - vBookz

Is Text-to-Speech ready for prime-time? vBookz co-founder Dror Kalisky thinks so

Duncan McCall - PlaceIQ

PlaceIQ: How location, time of day, the weather and our mood add context to what and where we buy – with co-founder Duncan McCall

Duncan McCall - PlaceIQ

This Week in Location Based Marketing #129: We are on the fringe

Duncan Stewart - Deloitte

The top trends in mobile over the next 24 months with Duncan Stewart, Director Research, Deloitte Canada

Ed Kaczmarek - Mondelez International

This Week in Location Based Marketing #101: McDonalds, Square-eh? and the Stamped rant + special guest Ed Kaczmarek of Mondelez

Eddie Marks, James Anthony - Inedible Software

How an economics major partnered with a physics major and built an app that has been downloaded over 6 Million times — With Eddie Marks and James Anthony of Inedible Software

Eddie Peloke - Blue Shoe Mobile

Build something that doesn’t change your customer’s workflow, make it a part of it. Insight from Blue Shoe Mobile’s Eddie Peloke

Edward Marks - Twist

Episode #452: From novelty apps to the cusp of a new trend – the evolution of Twist’s Edward Marks

Eli Portnoy - Thinknear

EP #505: Behind the scenes of a mobile startup – with Thinknear co-founder Eli Portnoy

Eli Portnoy - Thinknear

X is getting closer to the spot – with Thinknear’s Eli Portnoy

Eli Portnoy - ThinkNear

ThinkNear: How to drive nearby customers into your business with mobile and not give away your profit – with founder Eli Portnoy

Eli Portnoy - Thinknear

The locus of the location based advertising industry with Thinknear founder Eli Portnoy

Eli Schleifer - Directr

EP #508: How Directr is bringing video production to the mobile masses – with Founder Eli Schleifer

Eric Koester - Zaarly

How Zaarly went from idea to Ashton Kutcher to $14.1 million to Meg Whitman in 7 months – with co-founder Eric Koester

Erica McClenney - Expion

This Week in Location Based Marketing #100: Bytelight, Klash and the Green Giant + special guest Erica McClenney of Expion

Ethan Van Den Berg - ShownTo.me

How ShownTo.me combines open data with location to give context a new meaning with founder Ethan Van Den Berg

Fergus Hurley - Clixtr

How Clixtr helps you contribute to a shared experience one photo at a time – with Fergus Hurley, founder and CEO

Frederic de Pardieu - mTrip

mTrip: How a little augmented reality and itinerary magic makes mobile your travel bible – with Frederic de Pardieu

Gabor Vida - Teknision

Teknision: RIM’s secret sauce behind the BlackBerry PlayBook user experience – with co-founder Gabor Vida

Gabor Vida - Chameleon

Why UX is the future of the mobile operating system – with Chameleon creator Gabor Vida

Gary Kovacs - Sybase

5 key lessons SAP has learned about bringing mobile into the Fortune 100 companies with Gary Kovacs, Senior VP of Sybase (an SAP company)

Gary Schwartz - Impact Mobile

Impact Mobile: If mobile isn’t driving tonnage it’s just bells and whistles – with CEO Gary Schwartz

Gary Schwartz - Impact Mobile

EP #506: How the Internet of Things turns the world into an app – with author Gary Schwartz

Gary Schwartz - Impact Mobile

Follow reach and frequency to decide when you invest in mobile – Gary Schwartz, Chair of the MEF

Gary Schwartz - Impact Mobile

Gary Schwartz’s Fast Shopper. Slow Store: How to increase conversions by engaging consumers through mobile

Gary Schwartz - Impact Mobile

This Week in Location Based Marketing #130: Mapping hate and printing hope

Gary Scwhartz - Impact Mobile

How to deal with the promiscuous shopper – with author Gary Schwartz

Gauri Manglik - SpotOn

SpotOn: How they are creating the Netflix of mobile recommendation engines for restaurants, bars and coffee houses – with co-founder Gauri Manglik

Gauri Manglik - Fondu

Fondu: How and why this startup started, stopped and refocused all within their first 6 months in business – with co-founder Gauri Manglik

Ge Wang - SMULE

Bringing music to the masses one iPhone at a time with Ge Wang from SMULE

Ge Wang - SMULE

The impact of mobile on music and learning an instrument with Ge Wang of SMULE

Geoff Lewis - TopGuest

Finally, the first real reason to check in with Foursquare, Gowalla, Facebook and Twitter – with Geoff Lewis, Founder and CEO of TopGuest

Gideon Rubin - Local Market Launch

TWiLBM #181: Hashtag commerce, excess food and Nivea’s print genius

Gideon Rubin - Local Market Launch

TWiLBM #180: The human blackbox

Gideon Rubin - Local Market Launch

TWiLBM #182: When patrons take over

Gideon Rubin - Local Market Launch

TWiLBM #184: Up-Chuck E. Cheese

Gideon Rubin - Local Market Launch

TWiLBM #183: Stop sucking our bandwidth Netflix

Grant Ritchie - Locationary

This Week in Location Based Marketing #114: Facebook’s Graph Search and location + Grant Ritchie of Locationary

Greg Grunberg - Yowza!

How to leverage a personal brand to build a company with “Heroes” star Greg Grunberg, co-founder of Yowza

Greg Hammermaster - Sage Payment Solutions

Special Series-The Impact of Mobile. Episode 5: The Future of Cash with Greg Hammermaster of Sage Payment Solutions

Greg Hickman - Mobile Mixed

EP #500: 9 SMS and mobile marketing tactics you can use today – with Greg Hickman author of the SMS Marketing Handbook

Greg McCalister - PushPoint Mobile

This Week in Location Based Marketing #111: The telematics war, fiscal cliff & Guatemalan hijack

Gregg Weiss - iPhoneAppQuotes

How to find your next highly-qualified iPhone developer with no effort thanks to iPhoneAppQuotes.com — with Gregg Weiss

Gregg Weiss - Blue Whale

Blue Whale: How to partner right, find a niche and build a mobile audience — with founder Gregg Weiss

Guru Kamath - Global Delight

EP #513: Global Delight’s path to 1 million downloads in 40 days with Guru Kamath

Guy Rolfe - Kantar

Episode #430: Kantar: How the mobile device is becoming a portable pervasive pinhole to real time insight – with Guy Rolfe

Harlan Eplan - Global Bay Mobile

Global Bay Mobile: How mobile will bring the death of the cash register – with Harlan Eplan

Hemi Weingarten - Fooducate

Fooducate: How mobile is the first step to better eating – with co-founder Hemi Weingarten

Holger Leudorf - Foursquare

How Foursquare sees their role in mobile commerce, NFC and the competitive landscape – with Holger Luedorf (Part 3)

Holger Luedorf - Foursquare

How foursquare is changing the game from “search” to “find” – with Holger Luedorf

Holger Luedorf - Foursquare

Holger Luedorf and the Evolution of foursquare

Holger Luedorf - Foursquare

How Foursquare is influencing destination, discovery and price – with Holger Luedorf, VP Mobile (Part 1)

Holger Luedorf - Foursquare

How Foursquare drives foot trafic for merchants and their plans for monetization – with Holger Luedorf (Part 2)

Ian Klassen - Audax Health

Episode #484: The entrepreneurial path from mobile commerce to mobile health – with Audax Health VP Ian Klassen

Ian Klassen - Zappos

How Zappos services and sells to the mobile consumer – with Ian Klassen and Alex Kirmse

Ian Schafer - Deep Focus

Why mobile is the itch that satisfies the urgency of right now with Deep Focus CEO Ian Schafer.

Itai Sadan - Duda Mobile

Duda Mobile: How to build a mobile website to drive revenue and brand engagement – with Itai Sadan, co-founder and CEO

Jacob Hauskens - Fortumo

Episode #489: How to find mobile revenue in emerging economies – with Jacob Hauskens of Fortumo

Jacqueline Thong - Ubiqi Health

How mobile and big data are contributing to the rise of preventative healthcare – with Ubiqi Health co-founder Jacqueline Thong

James Smith - Verve Mobile

This Week in Location Based Marketing #157: Of beacons, previsits and (location based) bombs

Jamie Thompson - PONGR

How PONGR brings brands and brand lovers together on a mobile without an app — With cofounder Jamie Thompson

Jan Schöttelndreier - Cluetec

How German company Cluetec is becoming a mobile-first software company – with Director Jan Schöttelndreier

Janet Hawkins - Opterus

This Week in Location Based Marketing #155: Pinpointing, knocking and reducing the cheese

Jasmeet Sethi - Ericsson

Episode #436: How culture impacts success in mobile – with Ericsson ConsumerLab’s Jasmeet Sethi

Jason Flick - You I Labs

Learn to adapt: From Custom Apps to the forefront of UI

Javier Soltero - Acompli

How to build the perfect mobile email client – with Acompli co-founder Javier Soltero

Jeff Bacon - Magmic Games

Case Study: How to launch the New York Times Crosswords to the mobile world — the 2 year (+) overnight success.

Jeff Brenner - Pressly

Why publishers need to move quickly in mobile and how they can start earning revenue – with Pressly CEO Jeff Brenner (Part 3)

Jeff Brenner - Pressly

How Pressly landed the Toronto Star as their first marquee client – with CEO Jeff Brenner (Part 2)

Jeff Brenner - Pressly

How Pressly is moving publishers into the tablet era – with CEO Jeff Brenner (Part 1)

Jeremy Geiger - Retailigence

Retailigence: How mobile is enabling the last mile of supply chain management – with founder Jeremy Geiger

Jeremy Ozon - VistarMedia

This Week in Location Based Marketing #158: Location-based toxic sludge

Jessica Butcher - Blippar

This Week in Location Based Marketing European Edition #1: The mighty European Roundtable

Jessica Erickson - 6Wunderkinder

6Wunderkinder: How their todo app, Wunderlist, got to 1,000,000 downloads – with PR Director Jessica Erickson

Jim Bak - INRIX

Why data is the new new frontier for mobile entrepreneurs – with INRIX Director of Communications Jim Bak

Jim Maynard - Wavefront

Jim Maynard’s vision of Canada as a global and dominant leader in mobile and wireless – now is the time to move and move fast.

Jim Somers - Antenna

How Antenna Software balances user needs and IT requirements to succeed in mobile enterprise with Chief Marketing Office Jim Somers

Joe Beninato - Tello

Tello: How giving every customer a mobile soapbox and megaphone can make your business better – with founder Joe Beninato

Joe Gillespie - Zoove

How simplicity leads to scale and success for Zoove with CEO Joe Gillespie

Joe Lalley - MTV

How MTV is thriving in a multi-screen, mobile-first world – with Joe Lalley, VP Digital Products

Johann Huber-Gutierrez - Macy's

How your organization needs to change in order to truly embrace mobile – with Johann Huber-Gutierrez

John Caron - Modiv Media

Modiv Media: How to bring mobile commerce to your business to sell product to your customers – with SVP John Caron

John Caron - Modiv Media

How the socialization of mobile commerce will impact the industry – with John Caron of Modiv Media

John Casey - Fresh Fluff

The art and skill of launching a mobile app – with FreshFluff founder John Casey

John Friend - AppsInMyPocket

How Apps In My Pocket is using an iPhone to help your children learn to write — while selling over 60,000 copies on a shoestring budget.

John Hotovy - Atonality Mobile

TuneMe: How this android app is generating $100 per day in advertising revenue – with founder John Hotovy

John McCauley - Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment

Why mobile is front and center for fan engagement at Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment – with John McCauley

John Orlando - Sixth Sense Media

Why mobile is becoming more about customer loyalty and lifetime value than customer acquisition – with John Orlando of Sixth Sense Media

John Slimak - Piictu

How Piictu is balancing attracting users and earning revenue – with founder Jon Slimak (Part 3)

John Slimak - Piictu

How Piictu is capitalizing on the changing role of the mobile photograph – with founder Jon Slimak (Part 2)

John Slimak - Piictu

How Piictu is capitalizing on the changing role of the mobile photograph – with founder Jon Slimak (Part 1)

John Vautour - AirVM

Why is mobile so important to the cloud and where should you start – with AirVM founder, Joshua Vautour

Jon Fisher - CrowdOptic

This Week in Location Based Marketing #119: Can Qualcomm give you a ride?

Jon Rosen - iInside

This Week in Location Based Marketing #141: An insult to Naughty by Nature

Jon Troutman - Daily Grape

DailyGrape: How Gary Vaynerchuk became your mobile sommelier – with Jon Troutman, Director of Operations

Jonathan Kay - Apptopia

How and why you should sell your mobile app – with Apptopia founder Jonathan Kay

Jonathan Kay - Apptopia

8 things you need to do to sell your app for the highest return – with Apptopia founder Jonathan Kay

Jonathan Kay - Apptopia

Why selling your app outright may be your best option to make money in mobile – with Apptopia founder Jonathan Kay

Jonathan Stephen - Mobile Marketing Association

An introduction to the Mobile Marketing Association with Jonathan Stephen

Jonathan Stephen - JetBlue Airways

How JetBlue Airways uses mobile to create loyalty and drive revenue – with Jonathan Stephen, head of mobile

Jonathan Treiber - RevTrax

Episode #479: How and where to use mobile to help influence the buy decision – with RevTrax co-founder Jonathan Treiber

Joost Schreve - EveryTrail

How EveryTrail brings real-time to your travel experiences — whether it’s a hike in the woods or a run around the world. With Joost Schreve

Jordan Boesch - TaxiMe

Why Web developers like Jordan Boesch, founder of TaxiMe.ca, are changing the mobile application development landscape.

Joseph Walker - Ozmott

This Week in Location Based Marketing #99: eBay pulls itself together

Josh Garellek - Arctic Empire

Why it’s hard to sell a mobile game for 99 cents – with Arctic Empire co-founder Josh Garellek

Josh Rochlin - Xtify

Xtify: Why the combination of persistent location and in-app messaging will kill SMS as a marketing tool – With Josh Rochlin, CEO

Joshua Hernandez - Tap Me!

TapMe: How a game development company became an in-game advertising platform – with CEO Joshua Hernandez

Juhan Sonin - Involution Studios

EP #504: Design is medicine with Juhan Sonin of Involution Studios

Julian White - Seregon

Build enterprise mobile applications quickly and affordably — with Julian White, CEO of Seregon

Jyri Engestrom - Ditto

Ditto: Changing the dynamic from checking in to a location to stepping out of your house – with founder Jyri Engestrom

Karl Martin - Nymi

Episode #482: How Nymi is solving identity by the beat of your heart – with co-founder Karl Martin

Keller Rinaudo - Romotive

Episode #465: Where are all the robots? With Romotive co-founder Keller Rinaudo

Keller Rinaudo - Romotive

Episode #456: How the smartphone is ushering in the age of the home robot – with Romotive co-founder Keller Rinaudo

Ken Gullicksen - Evernote

Episode #458: How Evernote became an overachieving toddler – with COO Ken Gullicksen

Ken Harlan - MobileFure

MobileFuse: How to work with a mobile ad network to control and build your brand – with CEO Ken Harlan

Ken Law - MotherApp

How MotherApp is trying to eliminate the cross-platform mobile development pain by automating it

Ken Seto - Massive Damage

Why earning over $300,000 with one app wasn’t enough to keep Ken Seto in that business

Ken Seto - Endloop

5 Steps to Appiness with EndLoop’s Ken Seto

Ken Seto - EndLoop

The iPad isn’t a bigger iPod or portable media player, it’s a kick-ass productivity tool according to Endloop’s Ken Seto

Ken Westin - ActiveTrak

The ultimate protection from being “iJacked” with Ken Westin, CEO of ActiveTrak

Kenny Mazursky - GameSlam

GameSlam: How “watch and play” connects sports fans and their smartphones with their passion – with co-founder Kenny Mazursky

Kevin Cheng - Donna

Episode #470: Putting context and Donna Moss in your pocket – with Donna co-founder Kevin Cheng

Kevin Foreman - INRIX

Big Data, Small Screen: Location-Based Services 2.0 – with Kevin Foreman of INRIX

Kevin McGuire - Adenyo

Why mobile is an unsolvable Rubik’s Cube — and that’s a good thing for entrepreneurs — according to Adenyo’s Kevin McGuire

Kevin Spector - Mobile First

Spotlight on M-Commerce: MobileFirst CEO Kevin Spector talks mobile payments

Kevin Tofel - GigaOm

The GigaOm Mobilize Conference wrap up with Kevin Tofel

Kiran Modak - Unisocial

How Unsocial turns your iPhone or Android phone into a location-based sandwich board with co-founder Kiran Modak

Krating Poonpol - Quipster

Quipster: How to differentiate in the crowded location-based checkin market – with founder Krating Poonpol

Krina Patel - Ingenious Med

Episode #466: How Ingenious Med helps hospitals earn revenue through mobile – with VP Krina Patel

Krista Napier - IDC

Answering the question: Is mobile hardware relevant? With IDC Senior Analyst Krista Napier

Kunal Gupta - Polar Mobile

Surviving the Post-PC Media Landscape – with Polar Mobile CEO Kunal Gupta

Kyle McInnes - Pretzil

10 ways to sell more mobile apps – with Pretzil co-founder Kyle McInnes

Kyle McInnes - Maker Space North

Blackberry not so cool, app dev companies are a money pit and Bitcoin ATM’s are for drug dealers – with Kyle McInnes of Maker Space North

Lalita Krishna - Choco-Locate Media

How a transmedia producer used mobile to create an audience for her documentary – with Choco-Locate creator Lalita Krishna

Lars Albright - Session M

The true measure of mobile advertising – with Session M founder Lars Albright

Lars Hard - ExpertMaker

How mobile can humanize artificial intelligence – with ExpertMaker co-founder Lars Hard

Laura Marriott - NeoMedia

NeoMedia: How the QR code has emerged as the perfect gateway for mobile marketing – with CEO Laura Marriott

Lawrence Coburn - DoubleDutch

Why you should consider building your own geolocation application for your community – with Lawrence Coburn, CEO of DoubleDutch.me

Lawrence Coburn - DoubleDutch

Episode #491: How DoubleDutch pivoted twice, raised $20m and amassed 500,000 users while making it look easy – with co-founder Lawrence Coburn

Lee Hoffman - Memoir

How a side project became the company – with Memoir co-founder Lee Hoffman

Len MacEarchern - Memoir

EP #521: Wearables and the evolution of the pro athlete – with GestureLogic CEO Len MacEachern

Len Wright - Appclover

How a hypnotist and an artist are building a mobile community of app experts to help you market better and sell more apps – with AppClover co-founders Len Wright and Matt Lutz

Lenny Rachitsky - Localmind

Localmind co-founder Lenny Rachitsky’s 3 takeaways for any product launch (Part 2)

Levi Belnap - FindIt

Episode #473: From idea to TechCrunch in 8 weeks – with FindIt co-founder Levi Belnap

Linden Skeens - Thumbvista

This Week in Location Based Marketing #137: Pinterest gets physical with Nordstrom

Lloyd Bernhardt - Ethical Bean Coffee

Ethical Bean Coffee: How a fair trade coffee roaster is using mobile to sell product – with co-founder Lloyd Bernhardt

Lou Mintzer - Homesnap

This Week in Location Based Marketing #161: Let there be POWER!

Lou Mintzer - Homesnap

This Week in Location Based Marketing #162: Ten thousand predictions for 2014

Lynda Smith - Twilio

How Twilio helps grow an ecosystem of billion dollar companies – with CMO Lynda Smith

Maarten Lens-FitzGerald - Layar

Layar: How augmented reality will help democratize data – With co-founder Maarten Lens-FitzGerald

Marc Castrechini - Merchant Warehouse

Episode #494: How to bring mobile payments to your business – with Marc Castrechini of Merchant Warehouse

Marc Gingras - Tungle

How Tungle.me extended their service on to smartphones with Marc Gingras

Marco Argenti - Nokia

What is the hyper local app economy – with Marco Argenti of Nokia

Marcus Wandell - Anttenna

Hyperlocal meets Microlistings with Anttenna’s Founder, Marcus Wandell

Marjorie Daleo - Media Mojos

Emerging as a top influencer in the mobile industry with Marjorie DeHey Daleo

Mark Donovan - Comscore

Understanding how comScore data services helps build effective mobile strategies with Mark Donovan, Senior Vice President, Mobile.

Mark Hyland - QuickPlay Media

QuickPlay: How mobile is disrupting premium video content consumption – With Mark Hyland, VP Sales and Marketing

Mark Kasdorf - Timbre

Episode #442: Four minutes to funding with Timbre co-founder Mark Kasdorf

Mark Wright - Adenyo

How to see the simplicity in mobile marketing with Adenyo’s Mark Wright

Marta and Frederic De Wulf - Smash Your Food

How a mobile game is changing children’s eating habits – with Smash Your Food co-founders Marta and Frederic De Wulf

Martin Shen - UpOut

This Week in Location Based Marketing #132: Radio, mail and fishing – kicking it old school

Martin Shen - UpOut

This Week in Location Based Marketing #131: The hunger (games) episode

Mathew Lazarus - Mobilosophy

Episode #485: How to start your mobile project the right way – with Mobilosophy co-founder Mathew Lazarus

Matt Brezina - Sincerely

Sincerely: How their first product, Postagram, is reinventing the postcard – with co-founder Matt Brezina

Matt Di Paolo - Proximity Canada

Think realistically when considering augmented reality – With Matt Di Paolo, Senior VP at Proximity Canada.

Matt McKenna - Red Fish Media

Red Fish Media: Why mobile needs to be your go to strategy in marketing – with founder Matt McKenna

Matthew Dorman - TagSellIt

Buying and selling at local estate sales, garage sales and flea markets with your smartphone in hand just got easier — with TagSellIt.com’s co-founder, Matthew Dorman

Matthew Formica - MFSoftware

A dozen applications in and Matthew Formica is still focused on finding the next uncharted iPhone application

Matthew Formica - MFSoftware

MFSoftware: A year in the life of a bootstrapped mobile applications company – with founder Matthew Formica

Matthew Roserberg - FastSociety

FastSociety: Why personality and branding are more important than engineering – with co-founder Matthew Rosenberg

Matthew Williams - LiveQoS

Episode #496: Why controlling quality of service controls your mobile destiny – with LiveQoS co-founder Matthew Williams

Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian - Simon-Kucher & Partners

How to make cash from Apps with Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian of Simon-Kucher & Partners

Melody Adhami - Plastic Mobile

Plastic Mobile: How a mobile application influenced the way we order pizza, became a top download and won a Webby Award – with co-founder Melody Adhami

Michael Ahearn - iLoop Mobile

How to use mobile in the hospitality industry – with Michael Ahearn, VP Strategic Marketing at iLoop

Michael Ahearn - iLoop Mobile

iLoop Mobile: How to truly engage with your customers through mobile – with co-founder Michael Ahearn

Michael Albers - Smartr Contacts

Smartr Contacts: How mobile enabled them to reinvent the concept and relevancy of a contact – with Michael Albers

Michael Becker - Mobile Marketing Association

Mobile has gone from primordial soup to interstellar travel in 3 short years and this is just the beginning – with Michael Becker, Managing Director Mobile Marketing Association North America

Michael Haga - LevelUp

How LevelUp solves the two largest merchant pains: High interchange costs and customer loyalty – with co-founder Michael Hagan

Michael Hawkins - MLH Software

The classic definition of an AppPreneur? Working the new 9-5 with Michael Hawkins of MLHSoftware

Michael Holzer - Xobni

BlackBerry gets the Xobni treatment and gives mobile searching a great user interface — with Michael Holzer

Michael Oiknine - Apsalar

Why mobile analytics alone won’t help you sell more – with Apsalar co-founder Michael Oiknine

Michael Seibel - JustinTV

Justin.tv: The driving force behind the disruption of the broadcast industry – with CEO Michael Seibel

Mikael Cho - Ooomf

Episode #435: From noodles and hot sauce to funding in 9 weeks – with OOOMF co-founder Mikael Cho

Mikael Cho - Ooomf

Episode #437: The 9 skills you need to launch your app – with OOOMF co-founder Mikael Cho

Mikael Cho - Crew

EP #517: The tale of the tenacious entrepreneur – with Crew co-founder Mikael Cho

Mike Davis - Ringleadr

Ringleadr: Building a better Groupon by reversing the business model – with co-founder Mike Davis

Mike Mettler - Card.io

Card.IO: The complex process of simplifying credit card capture with a smartphone – with co-founder Mike Mettler

Mike Soucie - Revolv

Episode #464: How Revolv is automating home automation – with co-founder Mike Soucie

Mikhail Damiani - Graphite Software

EP #503: How mobile turns outdoor media into interactive canvases – with Bluebite co-founder Mikhail Damiani

Moe Kermani - Vanedge Capital

How to accelerate app store payments to fund your business – with Pollen founder Martin MacMillan

Moe Kermani - Vanedge Capital

Ask a VC with Moe Kermani of Vanedge Capital

Monty Metzger - Ahead of time

How mobile brings social to the masses with Ahead of Time founder, Monty Metzger

Nader Hamda - Ozobot

Episode #495: CROWDSOURCED with Ozobot founder Nader Hamda

Nauby Jacob - Bell Mobillity

Bell Mobility: Understanding the state of mobile advertising today and how to make it work for you — with Nauby Jacob

Neel Grover - Buy.com

Why the retail window of the future is mobile – with Buy.com CEO Neel Grover

Neil Stiles - Variety

How The Variety Group has brought their publishing business to mobile – with founder Neil Stiles

Nicholas Reichenback - Magmic Games

How to leverage relationships to build mobile brands — Magmic style

Nick Macilveen - PayPal

PayPal: Why the carriers and the cloud are essential to mCommerce – with Nick Macilveen, Director of Carrier Partnerships

Nick Quain - CellWand

Breaking down the carrier barrier by selling simplicity with CellWand CEO, Nick Quain

Noel Chandler - Mosio

Text isn’t dead, it’s just underrated but that’s about to change – with Mosio CEO Noel Chandler

Noemie Dupuy - Budge Studios

Episode #445: How Budge Studios built a mobile business of brands – with co-founder Noemie Dupuy

Nora Young - CBC

Episode #474: How mobile is enabling the quantified self movement – with author Nora Young

Olof Schybergson - Fjord

Fjord: How to create a mobile strategy that supports your business – with CEO Olof Schybergson

Pankaj Gulati - MoreMagic

MoreMagic: How mobile commerce and banking can lift entire economies – with CEO Pankaj Gulati

Pat Higbie - XAPPmedia

EP #519: What happens when you can talk back to the radio – with XAPPmedia founder Pat Higbie

Patrick Donnelly - QRArts

Why you should be using QR codes to engage with your customers right now – with Patrick Donnelly, Founder of QRArts.com

Patrick Hankinson - Tether

How Tether succeeds despite its competition being built in the product it was meant to work with — with Patrick Hankinson

Patrick Kennedy - Sidebar

Sidebar: Helping companies make money in mobile by personalizing the long tail – with CEO Patrick Kennedy

Patrick Pichette - Google

Google CFO Patrick Pichette on being a Canadian in the Bay

Patrick Reynolds - Triton Digital

Why the future of all media starts with mobile – with Patrick Reynolds of Triton Digital

Patrick Reynolds - Triton Digital

Episode #487: Why the car dashboard is the key for digital radio supremacy – with Triton Digital’s Patrick Reynolds

Patrick Reynolds - Triton Digital

Triton Digital: How they are using mobile to move radio from broadcasting to conversation making – with EVP Marketing, Patrick Reynolds

Paul Mabray - VinTank

Episode #463: Wineries, the SoLoMo movement and the power of context – with VinTank founder Paul Mabray

Paul Madsen - Ping Identity

Episode #492: Why controlling identity is the first step to the Internet of Things – with Paul Madsen of Ping Identity

Paula Patrice - Nutrisleuth

The future of food label transparency will reside on your smartphone — with Paula Patrice, CTO of NutriSleuth

Peggy Anne Salz - Mobile Groove

EP #511: How to build a mobile app business – with Apponomics author Peggy Anne Salz

Pete Erickson - Modev

This Week in Location Based Marketing #154: All your locations are belonging to us

Peter Cahill - LifeLife Response

How this mobile dead-man switch has saved 4 lives – with LifeLine Response founder Peter Cahill

Peter Kuhar - Instant Heart Rate

How Instant Heart Rate got to more than 1,000,000 downloads in less than 3 months with Peter Kuhar

Peter Lalonde - Openera

Openera: How constant refining led to a beer-stained termsheet – with founder Peter Lalonde

Peter Li - Altas Wearables

EP #512: How focusing on a niche brought TechCrunch and $630,000 from Indiegogo – with Altas Wearables co-founder Peter Li

Phil Barrett - B-Street Communications

How mobile marketing has evolved from a truck pulling a rotating sign down the street to a great brand amplifier with Phil Barrett, Senior Director of Digital Marketing at RIM

Pinky Gonzalez - Carazel

How Carazel is using the mobile check-in to deepen the relationship between Kid Rock and his fans – With co-founder Pinky Gonzales

Piyush Shah - InMobi

Episode #460: Strategies and tactics for entering the mobile fray in China – with InMobi’s Piyush Shah

Rachel Youens - Appiction

A cure for the common App? Appiction’s Rachel Youens talks do’s and don’t when moving your business into the mobile world

Rafi Haladjian - Sense

EP #507: Why the Internet of Things is about connecting life, not devices – with Sense founder Rafi Haladjian

Raj Singh - Tempo

Episode #451: Why the calendar is the next mobile operating system – with Tempo founder Raj Singh

Rami Lama - Canwest Digital Media

What does the future of media look like from the mobile perspective? Disruptive according to Rami Lama

Ramneek Bhasin - TheFind.com

How TheFind became the number one mobile app in the brand new “Catalog” category in Apple’s AppStore – with Ramneek Bhasin, VP Mobile

Ramneek Bhasin - TheFind

How TheFind.com brings 400 million products from 500,000 merchants to your smartphone and is reshaping mobile shopping with Ramneek Bhasin, VP of mobile

Ran Avrahamy - Scringo

Episode #453: How to increase reach, retention and revenue for your mobile app – with Scringo co-founder Ran Avrahamy

René Pinnell - Forecast

Forecast: How to use mobile to influence the future – with co-founder René Pinnell

Richard Bagdonas - Mahana

How an open mind and a chance encounter changed this business forever with Mahana co-founders Bryan Menell and Richard Bagdonas

Richard Ivey - Media Experts

Trying to make a living in mobile? Why not become an advocate for your client, not the mobile industry says Media Experts’ Richard Ivey

Richard Lawson - Autograph

How beacons ended up on Regent Street – with Autograph founder Henry Lawson

Richard Qiu - TRUSTe

Episode #424: Why you should never leave trust to chance especially in mobile – with TRUSTe VP Richard Qiu

Richard Steggall - Waspit

How Waspit is targeting tweens for their mobile payment service to establish trust and create awareness – With Richard Steggal, founder and CEO

Rick Ferguson - Aimia

How to build Loyalty in mobile – with Aimia VP Rick Ferguson

Rick McMullin - bitHeads

EP #514: Why we need an Internet of Things operating system – with bitHeads co-founder Rick McMullin

Rick Orr - TabbedOut

How TabbedOut is using smartphones to allow you to pay your restaurant or bar tab without handing over your credit card – with CEO Rick Orr

Rob Kao - SmrtGuard

Recipe for success according to SMRTGuard’s Rob Kao: Start your company during the financial ruin of 2009 and then make some lemonade.

Rob Matthews - AirRun

AirRun: How to use your smartphone to find work literally where you stand – with co-founder Rob Matthews

Rob Reed - MomentFeed

MomentFeed: How to measure your location based marketing investment – with founder Rob Reed

Robert Smith - Greenmelon

NightAlly: Why branding needs to be part of the mobile product planning process – with founder Robert Smith

Robert Weber - W3i

Can you pay someone to download your apps? Rob Weber, co-founder of Apperang thinks so.

Rodney Gibbs - QRANK

QRANK: How this location aware game has a 70% player retention rate — with CEO Rodney Gibbs

Romy Randev - EventKaddy

Greener, leaner and disruptive

Roy Smith - AgeCheq

Episode #488: How saving mobile app developers $16,000 per user led to a business – with AgeCheq founder Roy Smith

Roy Smith - AgeCheq

5 tips to ensure your company is COPPA-compliant – with Roy Smith of AgeCheq

Rush Doshi - SuperGlued

Is that every concert you’ve ever seen in your pocket? Yup. And Rush Doshi, founder of SuperGlued, says that’s just the start of your personalized concert tour.

Russell Ivanovic - Shifty Jelly

Shifty Jelly: The story behind the Amazon Appstore story – with co-founder Russell Ivanovic

Ryan Golden - Moasis Global

Episode #475: How to use location to grow your bottom line – with Moasis co-founder Ryan Golden

Ryan Unger - Punchkick Interactive

How smartphones are becoming the new candy bar for content consumption with Ryan Unger, co-founder and CTO of Punchkick Interactive

Rylan Barnes - Shopsavvy

Reinvent fluid pricing? Have your app downloaded millions of times? All in a day’s work for Shopsavvy — with Rylan Barnes

Sal Khan - Khan Academy

Episode #454: How the Khan Academy is approaching mobile learning – with founder Sal Khan

Salman Habib - Bizmey Inc.

Bizmey: How a mobile application discovery network helps get more downloads – with VP Salman Habib

Sam Abadir - FlyCast

Changing the application development business model by making it accessible to web developers with Sam Abadir from FlyCast.fm and AppMobi.com

Sam Chaudhary - ClassDojo

Episode #459: How ClassDojo is using mobile in the classroom to change student behaviour – with co-founder Sam Chaudhary

Sam Dunn - Robin

How the Internet of Things can solve a niche problem – with Robin co-founder Sam Dunn

Sam Feuer - FastMall

Micro location marketing in the malls of the world with FastMall’s CEO Sam Feuer

Sam Taggart - VaynerMedia

VaynerMedia, The New Jersey Nets and Gowalla strike again and why EVERY brand, big or small, should be using location-based marketing — With Sam Taggart

Sam Taggart - VaynerMedia

Case Study: New Jersey Nets + Gowalla + Sam Taggart = VaynerMedia rewriting the book on location-based marketing

Sam Zaid - Getaround

Getaround: How they plan on disrupting the car rental industry through your smartphone – with CEO Sam Zaid

Sampo Karjalainen - Moves

Episode #443: How Moves combines walking and mobile to create an effortless app – with co-founder Sampo Karjalainen

Sarin Shah - Persource

The future of alumni management is through a mobile device – with Sarin Shah, co-founder of Persource

SchneiderMike - Skyhook Wireless

Beacons, beacons, beacons and a wearable drone + SchneiderMike from Skyhook Wireless

Schneidermike - Allen & Gerritson

Schneidermike on why he is obsessed with location and why you should care about the SoLoMo movement

Scott Kveton - Urban Airship

Episode #440: How Urban Airship plans on becoming a part of the mobile plumbing – with CEO Scott Kveton

Scott Kveton - Urban Airship

How did Urban Airship grow revenue 600% in 1 year – with CEO Scott Kveton

Scott Kveton - Urban Airship

Urban Airship: How developers can make more money from their mobile applications – with Scott Kveton, CEO and co-founder

Scott Lahman - textPlus

How textPlus is attacking the phone stack and why 25,000,000 downloads is just the start – with co-founder Scott Lahman

Scott Lindenbaum - Spun

Why 50,000 monthly active users weren’t enough to stop his company from pivoting – with Spun co-founder Scott Lindenbaum

Scott Lindenbaum - Broadcastr

Broadcastr: Audio as augmented reality – With co-founder Scott Lindenbaum

Scott Plewes - Macadamian

Episode #486: 17 user experience tips that will make your mobile strategy succeed – with Macadamian’s Scott Plewes

Scott Rosenberg - Umami

How mobile will save the television industry – with Umami co-founder, Scott Rosenberg

Scott Schwartzhoff - Appcelerator

Appcelerator: How to develop your mobile strategy – with VP Marketing Scott Schwarzhoff

Scott Schwartzhoff - Appcelerator

10 business models to generate revenue with mobile applications (and so much more) with Scott Schwarzhoff, VP Marketing at Appcelerator

Sean Claessen - Maritz Canada

Mobile is killing the phrase “hope and pray” in marketing with Maritz Canada Executive Creative Director, Sean Claessen

Sean McCaffrey - City of Ottawa

How the City of Ottawa is using open data to connect its residents through their mobile phones with Sean McCaffrey

Sep Seyedi - Plastic Mobile

How Plastic Mobile’s Innovation Lab turns ideas into mobile products – with Sep Seyedi and Jason Hyde

Sep Seyedi - Plastic Mobile

Why now is the time to build a virtual reality company – with irisVR co-founders Shane Scranton and Nate Beatty

Sep Seyedi - Plastic Mobile

How the Internet of Things is turning HVAC into an operating system – with Nicholas Lea of Nortec

Seth Priebatsch - SCVNGR

How SCVNGR is turning the world into a game, one location at a time – with Seth Priebatsch, Chief Ninja

Shehryar Khan - Ubermind

Übermind: How ignoring mobile in your company will become an existential threat – with co-founder Shehryar Khan

Shuli Lowy - Ping Mobile

Episode #444: How to succeed using location based marketing – with Ping Mobile’s Shuli Lowy

Sidneyeve Matrix - Queens University

Special Series – The Impact of Mobile. Episode 2: Education & Learning with Sidneyeve Matrix

Sidneyeve Matrix - Queens University

How mobile is impacting the what, where, how and when of work with Sidneyeve Matrix

Simon Jennings - Olive Media

Why there is much more to be done to make sure mobile advertising does its job — With Olive Media President Simon Jennings

Sol Lipman - RallyUp

The next phase in location aware applications? More real friends and fewer follows but all in context — With Sol Lipman from Rally Up.

Somrat Niyogi - Bazaar Labs

How killing your own applications is the developers version of natural evolution — With Somrat Niyogi, Founder of Bazaar Labs

Sonny Vu - Misfit Wearables

How Shine went from idea to the shelves of the Apple stores in 9 months – with Misfit Wearables founder Sonny Vu

Stephane Marceau - Yellow Pages Group

Why YellowPages.ca is giving away their data and how this will help the mobile industry – with Stephane Marceau, Chief Marketing Officer

Stephen Davis - Skyreader Media

How mobile is re-inventing the definition of a book – with Skyreader Media CTO Stephen Davis

Stephen Davis - Skyreader Media

How mobile is enabling the next generation of authors and publishers – with Skyreader Media CTO Stephen Davis

Stephen Smith - myRete

myRete: How they reached 3 million downloads, 2 billion text messages and $1 million in revenue with their first product, WhosHere – with co-founder Stephen Smith

Steve Kraus - Pega

Episode #428: How mobile enables agile deployment in enterprises – with Steve Kraus of Pegasystems

Steve Schwinke - OnStar

OnStar: Why the future of the automobile starts on the dashboard – with Steve Schwinke, Director of Advanced Technology

Sylvain Rochon - Sylien Games

Episode #448: How this first-time entrepreneur built his mobile games company – with Sylien Games founder Sylvain Rochon

Sze Wong - Zerion Software

iFormBuilder: How mobile is killing the clipboard – with founder Sze Wong

T.A. McCann - GIST

Contact context in the palm of your hand with GIST CEO T.A. McCann

Tariq Zaid - Select Start Studios

How Select Start Studios is pioneering the way hospitals are using mobile with co-founders Tariq Zaid and Adam McNamara

Tarun Nimmagadda - Mutual Mobile

Mutual Mobile: Bootstrapping a mobile application development company to 100+ employees – With co-founder Tarun Nimmagadda

Terry Blake - http://www.lemonllc.com

This Week in Location Based Marketing #106: Saudi men track their wives and mannequins track your shopping.

Terry Edwards - PerfectServe

How to Build a Communications Platform for Today’s Hospital

Terry Edwards - PerfectServe

How mobile is changing the healthcare industry – with PerfectServe CEO Terry Edwards

Tery Howard - Miami Dophins

How do the Miami Dolphins use mobile to deepen the relationship with their fans in the stadium and out – with Tery Howard, CTO

Tim Closs - Marmalade

Marmalade: Why mobile will be the next great battle for the television industry – with CTO Tim Closs

Tim McLaughlin - Siteworx Inc.

Siteworx: Why your mobile strategy needs to be a C-level priority – with co-founder Tim McLaughlin

Tim Soo - Tim Soo

Hacking music and why we need to adopt the hacker ethic to move humanity forward – with Tim Soo

Toby Daniels - Crowdcentric

EP #498: The merits and pitfalls of being always on – with Crowdcentric CEO Toby Daniels

Todd Daubert - SNR Denton

Trust – the final frontier in mobile commerce with Todd Daubert, Partner, SNR Denton

Todd Greene - Loyalize

Loyalize: How companies and brands can use mobile to bridge the distance between our couch and our televisions – with CEO Todd Greene

Todd Greene - PubNub

Episode #446: Entering the era of real-time mobile infrastructure as a service – with PubNub co-founder Todd Greene

Tom Daly - Coke

Coke: How mobile content, mobile distribution and mobile commerce are reinventing their business – with Tom Daly

Tom Hearn - The Score

Episode #457: Why The Score sold their television channel to focus on mobile – with CFO Tom Hearne

Tom Hearne - Score Media

The Impact of mobile on traditional media with Tom Hearne, CFO Score Media

Tom Hearne - Score Media

How to build community around your brand by leveraging mobile with Score Media CFO Tom Hearne

Tom Purves - Visa

How the mobile wallet is helping VISA knock out its biggest competitor: Cash – with Tom Purves

Tom Standage - Economist

Why The Economist launched their daily smartphone app Espresso – with Digital Editor Tom Standage

Tomi Ahonen - Communities Dominate

Tomi Ahonen’s state of the mobile industry – from Amazon to RIM

Tomi Ahonen - Tomi Ahonen

Mobile is the $5 trillion gorilla that is starting to absorb industries according to Tomi Ahonen and I believe him!

Tony Longo - CO Everywhere

Episode #478: Why CO Everywhere call themselves a real-time unfiltered reality show – with co-founders Tony Longo and Dan Adams

Travis Todd - Buddy Beers

Buddy Beers: How they are becoming the world’s mobile beer tap (and how they landed Carlsberg as their first client) – with founder Travis Todd

Trey Lauderdale - Voalte

How Voalte built an app that literally saves lives with Trey Lauderdale, Chief Innovation Office

Tyler Adenyo - Adenyo

How Adenyo is democratizing mobile marketing while building predictive analytics to serve your customers what they want, where they want it – with CEO Tyler Nelson

Tyler Bell - Factual

This Week in Location Based Marketing #140: Looking back or thinking ahead

Vic Singh - Tracks

Tracks: How to make sure your product launch is the beginning and not the goal – with founder Vic Singh

Victoria Estevez - Participant Media

Participant Media: How the documentary Waiting for Superman has spawned a mobile movement to help save the US education system – With Wendy Cohen, Victoria Estevez and Cecil Odom

Wen Tian - SnapHop

How to effectively use mobile marketing to drive revenue for your business – with SnapHop founder Wen Tian (Part 3)

Wen Tian - SnapHop

How SnapHop found a niche automating time consuming mobile marketing activities – with founder Wen Tian (Part 2)

Wen Tian - SnapHop

How to move your business forward with mobile marketing – with SnapHop founder Wen Tian (Part 1)

Wendy MacKinnon Keith - Digital Retail Apps

EP #518: How to increase store sales by killing the queue – with Digital Retail Apps founder Wendy MacKinnon Keith

Wes Tam - Glitchsoft

How a passionate mobile game developer is turning a niche idea into a business with the help from a billionaire

whurley - Chaotic Moon

Sh*t you can do with mobile – with whurley of Chaotic Moon Labs

whurley - Choatic Moon

Chaotic Moon: How they went from Rupert Murdoch’s The Daily to Sesame Street’s Grover to the Board of Awesomeness – with whurley and Phil Wheat

whurley - Chaotic Moon

The state of the mobile world (and some augmented reality) with Chaotic Moon CTO whurley

whurley - Chaotic Moon

How do you top the Board of Awesomeness? How about a brain-powered Board of Imagination – with Chaotic Moon’s Evil Genius, whurley

Wibe Wagemans - Indoor Atlas

Predicting predictions arrival

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Fight above your belt weight…but keep reality in your view

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Ask a VC with Vegas Tech Fund partner Will Young

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Why personalization is key to more revenue from your existing customers – with Wojciech Gryc of Canopy Labs

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EP #509: How mobile will help retailers combat showrooming – with Yan Simard of ZapTap

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How Project Noah plans on generating revenue from the (smart) mob – with co-founder Yasser Ansari

Yasser Ansari - Project NOAH

How investing in Project Noah may have saved National Geographic’s business – with Project Noah co-founder Yasser Ansari

Yasser Ansari - Project NOAH

How Project Noah is using mobile to give voice to the citizen scientist – with co-founder Yasser Ansari

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How a connected light led to an internet of things operating system – with Spark.io CEO Zach Supalla

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Why mobile is killing eCPM, apps should be free and developers should get paid more with Pontiflex CEO Zephrin Lasker and VP of Mobile Brian Long