The Top 50 indispensable apps


Download the latest research from This month, we feature 20 previous guests that offer up the apps they cannot live without.

The 20 are:
Greg Grunberg of Yowza
Asif Khan of The Location Based Marketing Association
Raj Singh of
Greg Hickman of MobileMixed
Bryan Menell of Mahana
Mikael Cho of Crew
Edward Marks of Twist
Yan Simard of ZapTap
David Rush of Earshot
Bretton MacLean of ezilly Design
Mathew Lazarus of Mobilosophy
Josh Garellek of Arctic Empire
Matthew Williams of LiveQoS
Scott Plewes of Macadamian
Patrick Reynolds of Triton
Alec Main of Graphite Software
Ian Klassen of Audax Health
Rafi Haladjian of Sense
Sylvain Rochon of Sylien Games
Rob Woodbridge of

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