This Week in Location Based Marketing #112: Location, James Franco and a goat

Welcome to episode #112 of This Week in Location Based Marketing. On today's show: We've got 9 stories for you including our bewilderment of Waze, why we thing 4sqTrigger is on to something, and UrbanAirship is already getting things done with Tello. Also Scott Lindenbaum of Spun talks to us about using a goat for location based marketing. Seriously.

How mobile will save the television industry – with Umami co-founder, Scott Rosenberg

What happens when the television is no longer the focal point in your living room? Sure, it is on, glowing with movement but, more and more people are looking down at these smaller mobile screens with television in the background as noise. Scott Rosenberg's company, Umami, is tackling this engagement challenge head on and here's how they are changing the television industry as we know it.