MM #291: 39% would rather an app to start their car than make a mobile payment

With all the hoopla these days around mobile payments it would make sense if there was actual demand from consumers. The reality is, based on two substantial global studies, that consumers aren't yet interested in paying from their mobile phones. The highlights from the Apigee and Bain & Company studies aren't shocking but they demonstrate the gulf between what is being built and what is being used in the mobile payments arms race.

TWiLBM #178: Beacons make pub crawls cool

Welcome to episode #178. On the show: Top stories featuring Coca-Cola, Jasper, GNIP, Twitter, Gowalla,, Goodnight Lad, TigerAir, UNMAS, Takara Tomy Arts, Facebook, WunWun, Gett and Beacon Crawl. Plus, our resource of the week is the UpTo Calendar app.

MM #289: People still want to shop in stores but dwell time is down

As crazy as it sounds, people still actually go into stores to shop. I know, right? The challenge for the stores is that there is a small window of time to convert those browsers into buyers while they are in the store itself. A recent survey by euclid looks at traffic conversion for stores as well as how long they dwell and how quickly they exit. It is all summarized right here in under 2 minutes.

MM #288: 88% of consumers will buy elsewhere if…

Mobile is a big deal to retail. A very big deal as you'll see in this quick overview of a recent DigitasLBi study that looked at the impact mobile is having on consumer spending behaviour. The results? Humans are fickle and retailers need to start thinking that every single person walking into their store (digital or not) is a precious and fleeting opportunity to convert. Just because they enter with intent to buy, does not mean they will buy from where they stand. Watch on, it's like a horror movie for retail...

MM #286: Fast food means fast payments

It shouldn't surprise us that quick serve restaurants are leading the charge when it comes to mobile payments in the food industry. They were early adopters for location based ads and now it seems that every major chain has a mobile wallet to facilitate a faster restaurant experience. Could this be the path that mobile payments takes to enter mainstream?

TWiLBM #177: Rush, Dash and Santa Monica’s wellbeing

Welcome to episode #177. On the show: Top stories featuring Quantum Dots, Apple, the Lego Movie,, American Express, Amazon's Dash Tesco, Uber's Rush, Breeze, Santa Monica's Wellbeing Project, Traffle's travel app and SmartMat. Our mobile minute featuring Chuck Martin asks "do people still go into stores" and our special guests are Brian Menell and Richard Bagdonas of Mahana.

MM #285: Are 32% of the top web-only retailers showing their age?

Almost one third of the top performing web-only retailers aren't even providing their customers with a mobile-ready website - simply forcing them use the big screen version of their web experience on a small screen. Is this strategy for growth or a reluctance of some of the early pioneers and most innovative commerce companies to change with these new times.