MCM #357: Who’s doing what with Beacons

The word of the fall in retail is going to be beacons with good reason. There are a number of innovative companies that have been experimenting with their use and this fall will see them commit fully to them. Chuck gives us a run down of the companies that are in this category - the ones that aren't sitting back and waiting for the end of retail. What will retail look like in the fall? Here's a glimpse.

TWiLBM #195: Does anyone have a spare triangle?

Welcome to episode #195. On the show: Verve Mobile's programmatic direct platform; JCDecaux's CitiScape; Denver Beer Company's Explorer Challenge; VMBeacon brings mannequins to life; Amazon's Local Register; TD thanks a select few...very well; Cucalu confounds; Yahoo buys it's 31st mobile company Zofari; Glympse works on your wrist; Gilbarco-Vedder Root teams with Verifone at the gas pump. Our special guest is Debbie Landa, CEO and founder Dealmaker Media.

MCM #356: Are notifications the new mobile operating system?

Notifications are emerging as the new mobile operating system. As mobile users find themselves buried in apps that once held promise but have somehow found their way off the main screen, notifications can help bring the value back if they are done right. A recent study by GroupM looks at the willingness and concerns consumers have with notifications and the results should leave everyone feeling opportunistic. Bottom line? Do notifications properly and there will be prosperity. However, the opposite is also true.

MCM #355: Why the shopping cart is the key to mobile commerce

People don't want to buy from a smartphone. This according to a huge study by GroupM. They do want to shop from them but most companies don't factor that into their research - they simply look at the transactions. Could the most important thing to measure become the wish list or what goes into the shopping cart? Many retailers at the forefront of mobile commerce are focusing there and this strategy will make a ton of sense once you watch this episode.

TWiLBM #194: Live from the gentle island

Welcome to episode #194. On the show: A compressed, no-frills version of the show today as Rob is remote on Prince Edward Island. Stories about Tinder match-making for dogs; Simon Malls & Mobiquity team up for “smart” malls; The Traces app launch; Shazam releases their Resonate platform; The Ninja Sphere for your connected home; Westpac adds augmented reality to banking; Track Toronto tracks the lyrics of the city; Drop closes a small round; Bing catches gets smarter mobile ad targeting; Timex has a new non-smartphone connected watch.

MCM #354: The state of the beacon according to BI Intelligence

Retail is the first industry to grasp the importance of beacons as a hardware platform but beacons require much more effort than affix and spam. According to new research from BI Intelligence, there are going to be thousands of these things in circulation by the end of the year - mostly in retail - which can be good, only if retailers (and all businesses for that matter) heed Chucks words in this episode.

TWiLBM #193: You say you want a (beacon) revolution

Welcome to episode #193. On the show: HBC and Lord & Taylor commit to beacons; Instagram launches their Snapchat competitor Bolt; Medialets helps with attribution; Tipbombing your favourite street artist; Verizon kicks off their smart rewards program; Glympse embeds itself within Kik messenger; Nike gives away merchandise with FuelBox; Andrew Mason emerges with Detour; NextNav raises $70M. Our special guest is Debbie Kiederer of LiveLux and our resource of the week examines the differences between NFC and BLE.

MCM #353: How shopping has been changed by mobile

If you've ever wanted to know what a committed mobile shopper looks like you don't have to wander too far - Chuck is our ultimate beta tester for all things mobile payments. He wandered out, mobile in hand, to some of the biggest retailers in the United States to see what benefit mobile brings. These are the results.

MCM #352: This sausage’s secret ingredient is a beacon

And the future of beacon commerce is being led by...sausages? That's right, as more and more companies explore the benefits of bringing beacons into their sales and marketing organizations there are a few companies that are already out there testing. Hillshire Farm is one of those companies and they are teaching the rest of the retailers something about this emerging retail tool and the results are staggering.

MCM #351: The new mobile Myers-Briggs – do you know yours?

Two new studies on mobile payments done by Nielsen and the National Retail Federation looked at the habits of actual participants in the mobile commerce and payments world. The studies were not as it relates to the whole population but only included the people already paying with their smartphones. Chuck summarizes both in 2 minutes here.