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Episode #468: Why mobile is about owning the moment and not keeping users hostage by incentive – with Kiip co-founder Brian Wong

This episode features Brian Wong, co-founder of Kiip and focuses on the simple notion that owning the relevant moment and delivering on it at the right time with the right thing is the holy grail of mobile advertising and marketing. Brian details how Kiip ended up re-inventing the already nascent mobile reward; how they help advertisers deepen relationships with their customers through mobile; how the psychology of advertising is changing because of mobile; how the oft-relied on psychographic and demographic segmentation is not as important because of mobile and a number of examples and insights he's picked up along the way as he's built this mobile advertising upstart.

This Week in Location Based Marketing #139: Will that be cash, credit or your face?

Welcome to episode #139. On the show today: Foursquare now showing ads but is anyone watching? Apple buys Locationary and HopStop to bolster their map offering. Google kills Latitude. TomTom chooses DMTI for Canadian location data. Uniqul lets you pay with your face. Our app of the week is QuadStreaker, Chuck Martin is back in our mobile minute to talk augmented reality and our special guest is Brian Wong of Kiip.

This Week in Location Based Marketing #128: The Idaho Show

On the show: ISIS brings loyalty to vending machines, Dwolla closes their $16.5 million series C, Kiip powers the "sour to sweet" campaign for Sour Patch Kids, MoodMedia pinpoints you by the music your hear, Google Now! comes to the iPhone and leaves a lot to the imagination, Foursquare is about to sell your data, PJs that tell stories + our very special guest, Ben Broca, founder of Now.