UNTETHER.tv is a top ranked web television channel focused on the implementation of mobile and pervasive computing strategy and tactics. There are over 400 interviews with industry leaders from around the world on the site and every day:

– 18 hours of video is watched
– 1000 (and growing) unique visitors interact with UNTETHER.tv content
– over 40% of visitors spend an average of 4 minutes on the site per visit

Activity on the site is a niched mix of entrepreneurs, enterprises, agencies and investors looking to remain in touch with the nuances and impact of mobile and pervasive computing on their industry. The audience is mostly US-based with a touch of international activity:

Pageviews and unique visitors only tell a portion of the UNTETHER.tv audience story. The number of videos and amount of time spent watching video content (the predominant content on the site) is growing at a great clip:

The equivalent to every video on the site is watched daily with time spent in video (through the site, iTunes or partner distribution) is very high:

Wistia channel

Blip.tv channel

UNTETHER.tv brings with it the ability to reach an incredible audience through social media. The impact of which compounds the content distribution:

Social proof

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