with Asif Khan


TWiLBM #177: Rush, Dash and Santa Monica’s wellbeing

Welcome to episode #177. On the show: Top stories featuring Quantum Dots, Apple, the Lego Movie,, American Express, Amazon's Dash Tesco, Uber's Rush, Breeze, Santa Monica's Wellbeing Project, Traffle's travel app and SmartMat. Our mobile minute featuring Chuck Martin asks "do people still go into stores" and our special guests are Brian Menell and Richard Bagdonas of Mahana.


with Chuck Martin


MM #288: 88% of consumers will buy elsewhere if…

Mobile is a big deal to retail. A very big deal as you'll see in this quick overview of a recent DigitasLBi study that looked at the impact mobile is having on consumer spending behaviour. The results? Humans are fickle and retailers need to start thinking that every single person walking into their store (digital or not) is a precious and fleeting opportunity to convert. Just because they enter with intent to buy, does not mean they will buy from where they stand. Watch on, it's like a horror movie for retail...
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