with Asif Khan


TWiLBM #178: Beacons make pub crawls cool

Welcome to episode #178. On the show: Top stories featuring Coca-Cola, Jasper, GNIP, Twitter, Gowalla,, Goodnight Lad, TigerAir, UNMAS, Takara Tomy Arts, Facebook, WunWun, Gett and Beacon Crawl. Plus, our resource of the week is the UpTo Calendar app.


with Chuck Martin


MM #291: 39% would rather an app to start their car than make a mobile payment

With all the hoopla these days around mobile payments it would make sense if there was actual demand from consumers. The reality is, based on two substantial global studies, that consumers aren't yet interested in paying from their mobile phones. The highlights from the Apigee and Bain & Company studies aren't shocking but they demonstrate the gulf between what is being built and what is being used in the mobile payments arms race.
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