Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What comes with a subscription to

A: There are three paid subscription packages and a free package for

Lifetime Subscription gives you access to everything currently on the site (over 200 hours of interviews) and every interview going forward for the lifetime of the site.

Yearly Subscription gives you access to all the archives and new interviews for 1 year.

Monthly Subscription gives you access to all interviews from the point you join forward. It does not include the archives of the site.

Free account gives you access to some videos that I open up for free of charge

Q: Can I purchase single episodes?

A: Yes you can. Each episode found on is available for individual purchase. In order to purchase a video you will need to have registered and logged into the site. Once you are logged in you should see an option to purchase the interviews of your choice. There is currently no time limit as to how long you have access to the interview you have purchased.

Q:If I purchase individual interviews and decide to upgrade to a subscription later, can I get a credit?

A: Yes. As long as you upgrade to a full subscription within the next 30 days we will credit the purchase price of the individual interviews to the value of the subscription you choose.

Still have questions? Contact me directly.

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