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Title: Finding Revenue in Mobile: Tips, tactics and strategies for enhancing revenue from your mobile app
Pages: 30
Author: Rob Woodbridge & Scott Plewes (

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Let’s face it, revenue has become the holy grail of the mobile industry. The promise of revenue is there. Examples of successful revenue generation are there. And the audience is certainly there. But somehow the promised untold riches are not as forthcoming as we’d like.

One of the biggest challenges for generating any form of revenue is the balance between user experience and commercial interest. It is in this balance where successful and commercially viable products are born.

User Experience Is Critical
Creating a great product is no guarantee of revenue. If you don’t hit the minimum user experience requirements to deliver on the promise of your product, you will never see revenue success commensurate with your development effort.

The importance of a great user experience is tied to the type of product you are selling and the business model behind it. Think about the difference between the user experience of a game versus a retail application. The first is about creating something that gets a user in the game as fast as possible; the second is about helping a user find the product they are looking for as fast as possible. Two completely different experiences, both important in the context of the desired outcome.

Price, promotion and product fit are important. However, if the user does not value the experience your app provides, no amount of tinkering with price or spending on promotion can overcome this hurdle.

In the end, the application you sell is the experience you sell. That’s why this paper explores the four most typical app business models and the critical UX factors that impact each when it comes to their ability to convert users to paying customers. Each of the four models brings with it critical layers of user experience complexity.

For example, how do you move a user seamlessly from free to paid? How do you place ads effectively so as to convert and not be intrusive? How do you build a premium brand where users are willing to pay up front for your application? How do you collect the right amount of the most valuable data needed to create a better experience for the user? Answer these questions and reap the rewards.

We will explain how as we examine the four most prominent mobile business models and how great user experience helps drive more revenue from your apps.


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