Episode #487: Why the car dashboard is the key for digital radio supremacy – with Triton Digital’s Patrick Reynolds

We are talking all things digital radio with Triton Digital's Chief Strategy Officer Patrick Reynolds and the conversation is insightful and wide-ranging. We talk about the difference a year makes in this industry (since our last episode), the state of spend from agencies, the state of digital radio, the state of terrestrial radio and even dive into the newspaper and television industry.
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Why the future of all media starts with mobile – with Patrick Reynolds of Triton Digital

To say the emergence of mobile has caused a mass media shift would be, well, an understatement. Television, newspapers and radio are in the process of being reinvented whether they like it or not. The media industry is slowly folding over itself and the blurring between traditional print, television and radio is happening right before our eyes. I dare you to find one outlet that isn't encroaching on another today - this isn't creative destruction anymore, this is a land grab with huge economic consequences.
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How Pressly landed the Toronto Star as their first marquee client – with CEO Jeff Brenner (Part 2)

In this segment, Jeff Brenner, CEO of Pressly, answers the question why are some of the largest brands in the world coming to his company, how they convince companies to abandon their previous efforts in building native applications to use their platform, how they landed the Toronto Star as their first marquee client, why using Flipboard is not a good brand decision and why build a web experience over a native app.

How mobile will save the television industry – with Umami co-founder, Scott Rosenberg

What happens when the television is no longer the focal point in your living room? Sure, it is on, glowing with movement but, more and more people are looking down at these smaller mobile screens with television in the background as noise. Scott Rosenberg's company, Umami, is tackling this engagement challenge head on and here's how they are changing the television industry as we know it.