Pat Higbie XappApp

EP #519: What happens when you can talk back to the radio – with XAPPmedia founder Pat Higbie

Pat Higbie is the founder and CEO of the company and joins us to talk about the state of radio and Internet radio today, where the revenue does and will come from going forward, how long the idea of paying for radio will be sustainable and some key things that are needed in order to make this industry thrive. We also discuss the impact of Internet radio and mobile on the way advertising is done and paid for as well as a glimpse into the short future to see what is in store for this industry.

EP #501: Why the state of our Mobile Union is rock solid – with Chetan Sharma

Chetan is the president of Chetan Sharma Consulting and is one of the leading voices and minds in the mobile industry and this episode shows why. Every year Chetan puts together a mobile industry predictions survey and with it comes great insight to help industry find their way in this sometimes confusing mobile world we have emerged into. This episode dives into the results of the survey and more.

Episode #487: Why the car dashboard is the key for digital radio supremacy – with Triton Digital’s Patrick Reynolds

We are talking all things digital radio with Triton Digital's Chief Strategy Officer Patrick Reynolds and the conversation is insightful and wide-ranging. We talk about the difference a year makes in this industry (since our last episode), the state of spend from agencies, the state of digital radio, the state of terrestrial radio and even dive into the newspaper and television industry.

Episode #459: How ClassDojo is using mobile in the classroom to change student behaviour – with co-founder Sam Chaudhary

Sam Chaudhary is trying to do something that many companies have tried before. He is bringing mobile technology into the classroom - not as a learning aid but as a behavioural aid. His goal is to help teachers help students by using the mobile devices we all carry. He's a unique and passionate guy and this episode is full of inspiration. Change is hard but worth it - especially when it comes to kids in school.

Episode #443: How Moves combines walking and mobile to create an effortless app – with co-founder Sampo Karjalainen

This is the story of Moves, the app that was featured by Apple and praised by Robert Scoble. The app that has already had close to 1 million downloads in 4 weeks. The app that took a year to build as Sampo Karjalainen and his team tried to optimize location trolling with battery consumption. The app that is collecting over 1 TB of data PER DAY already. The app that has me fascinated.

Episode #442: Four minutes to funding with Timbre co-founder Mark Kasdorf

In this episode we were going to talk about the creation of the app exclusively but to understand how Mark and his team got to launch day his back story is essential. From his first failed company, to falling into the app space, to finding a way to work in his dream office, to launching and funding Timbre - this is what I love about the times we live in right now. An app is just an app but each one of them out there has a story and each one is worth telling because of the lessons they bring.