Episode #479: How and where to use mobile to help influence the buy decision – with RevTrax co-founder Jonathan Treiber

Jonathan Treiber, co-founder of marketing firm RevTrax helps us understand the impact that mobile is having on the way retailers attract and retain customers. This is one of those episodes that you realize the incredible impact - good and bad - that mobile is having on the way retailers do business. It's not enough that they have to run their business, stock their shelves or fend of Wal-Mart and Amazon and Staples and Costco, they also have to deal with the impact of an always on, always connected smart consumer. This isn't easy.

Episode #461: Mobile Influence and the new power of the consumer with author Chuck Martin

Chuck Martin is high energy, intense and insanely knowledgeable, this episode is dense with material and takeaways (like what Best Buy SHOULD be doing to ensure long-term viability and our mutual loathing for banner ads) as well as forward-looking thoughts on the likes of Google Glasses and wearable computing. We even tackle a little existentialism and ponder (out loud) the question of whether or not we are in the middle of the age of enlightenment or innovation. Seriously.

How to use mobile to increase brand loyalty – with Alexis Rask of Shopkick

In this episode Alexis Rask, VP & GM of Brand partnerships for Shopkick, walks us through how they help move customers to become brand advocates for their clients and offers a number of simple techniques that companies can start using today. Loyalty is about attention to detail and understanding how a customer thinks and deserves to be treated. The process Shopkick uses to help their customers deepen their relationship with their own customers is the starting point for success in commerce. We also talk about the process Shopkick uses to decide what features to add to their product, why Shopkick is at the hub of all mobile activity, where she sees this industry progressing towards and why she took the gamble to pack up from New York and head to the Bay Area to work with Shopkick.
Gary Schwartz fast shopper slow store

How to deal with the promiscuous shopper – with author Gary Schwartz

Just saying the word "retail" conjures up images of shuttered doors and boarded up windows or barcode-reading smartphones price-checking on Amazon while strolling down the empty aisles of Best Buy. If you are traditional media you might focus on the pain this industry is feeling, the disruption that is happening and the new normal state of flux that mobile has ushered in.
Rick Ferguson Aimia

How to build Loyalty in mobile – with Aimia VP Rick Ferguson

To explore the concept of loyalty and how mobile changes everything I've called on Rick Ferguson, VP Knowledge Development at Aimia - the company you've never heard of but the company that manages loyalty programs for some of the largest brands on the planet including Airmiles and Aeroplan - to help us build our loyalty strategy.