Episode #469: How to tackle big issues for big rewards with Siamese Systems co-founder Alex Kottoor

Alex Kottoor and his team at Siamese Systems have set their sites on helping crime scene investigators do their jobs better with a smartphone. This is no small task. Aside from the human factor of changing the way information is collected, the technology has to be secure, simple and 100% safe or it won't get used - or worse - won't be admissible in court. So why attack this market? What are the opportunities for a mobile-first approach in law enforcement? Where are the other opportunities for adventurous entrepreneurs looking to change how the police do their jobs? What have been some of the challenges? How has their product evolved? How have they used their customers to help evolve their product? Questions that are answered in this episode, plus more insight into what it takes to fulfill a big, hairy, audacious goal.
Jacqueline Thong Ubiqi Health

How mobile and big data are contributing to the rise of preventative healthcare – with Ubiqi Health co-founder Jacqueline Thong

This episode is about the journey and the lessons Jacqueline Thong has learned as she started building her company, Ubiqi Health. It is a glimpse into an industry poised for cataclysmic upheaval and change and all for the better. Is this the start of realtime health care? Could mobile help classify, diagnose and treat certain ailments without seeing a doctor? Big questions - ones we will be seeing play out inside of companies like Ubiqi. Here's their story. Be inspired.

How a hypnotist and an artist are building a mobile community of app experts to help you market better and sell more apps – with AppClover co-founders Len Wright and Matt Lutz

This is the story of how Matt and Len discovered their niche, launched their site, found some funding, launched a magazine, are in the process of launching a mobile magazine publishing platform and plan on building apps, apps and more apps. The thing is, they've done it before and they've done their homework on how they can succeed covering mobile - which they share their process in the episode.
Terry Edwards Perfectserve

How to Build a Communications Platform for Today’s Hospital

The challenges of efficient communication within today's hospitals is two-fold. First is simply the huge volume and complexity of daily communications between physicians and medical staff, and second is the sad fact that the vast majority of hospitals in North America run on legacy systems not equipped with the HIPPA-compliant technology required to handle the bandwidth or the complexity. In part two of his interview with PerfectServe President and CEO Terry Edwards, Rob learns that the solution to this major health care industry problem may be lightweight mobile services which do not require a costly change in infrastructure or human behaviour, but seek to 'fill the gaps'.
damien patton untether.talks

How Banjo cures disappointment – with CEO Damien Patton

Damien Patton, CEO of Banjo, was a keynote speaker at the recent UNTETHER.talks summit held in Toronto at the end of June and we sat down to discuss a few prescient things that Banjo helps to evolve. First up was the way that Banjo enables proximity-based relationships and why it is important to building and fostering connection. Next it was what the long term implication of this type of enabling software is on forming, maintaining and broadening relationships.
Jim Bak Inrix

Why data is the new new frontier for mobile entrepreneurs – with INRIX Director of Communications Jim Bak

How can mobile influence what we pay at the pump, reduce harmful pollutants, get us where we are going faster and contribute to urban planning? Listening to to Jim Bak, Director of Community Relations for INRIX, you will get the big picture of just how important and enabling mobile is becoming. Also, if you are an entrepreneur, you can't help but look at this space as the wild wild west - so much opportunity.
Alberto Tretti Glancee

Why mobile social discovery is the next emerging trend – with Glancee co-founder Alberto Tretti

Glancee's story is a good one - as most mobile/entrepreneur stories are. Alberto Tretti is the co-founder and, while we do talk about the industry, the product itself and his motivation for starting it, we spend an incredible amount of time on his decision process for deciding what features should be in the product (and thus, which shouldn't be in the product), as well as the importance of a great and simple user interface and user experience while designing the software. It is hard to build something that is easy to use.
Alain Mayer Scoople

How Scoople is using mobile to gather the collective sentiment of today’s news stories in real time – with co-founder Alain Mayer

Alain Mayer is the co-founder and CEO of Scoople – a mobile application that allows all of us to share our opinions about the news in real time – something that we’ve done inside of their product 150,000 times already. In this episode we shine the light on the future of news distribution, the impact of hyper local, the incredible power of real-time reader engagement and polling plus the sentiment layer and how that may just be the single most important piece of data we can collect.
Brett Serjeantson MediaMiser

Brett Serjeantson, CEO of MediaMiser, on the disruptive impact that mobile is having on the PR industry

Brett Serjeantson, founder and CEO of MediaMiser helps paint the picture of how mobile is changing their business and what is in store now that we are collecting content that needs to be monitored from multiple sources - mobile being one of them. If you have ever wondered what significant changes are in store in PR and how your company can use these shifts to your advantage, this is the episode for you.