Episode #455: How this first-time mobile entrepreneur was featured 3 times by Apple – with Ben Broca, founder of Now

Ben Broca is a first time entrepreneur tackling a huge challenge - real-time. This episode dives into why the world needs another real-time social discovery application, how he has morphed his company from consumer focused to that of one targeting businesses with big data, how he built his "perfect experience" first and scaled it using software and how he ended up being featured by Apple on 3 different occasions.
Jasmeet Sethi

Episode #436: How culture impacts success in mobile – with Ericsson ConsumerLab’s Jasmeet Sethi

This episode of full of insights into the impact that mobile is having on data collection in emerging markets. Jasmeet Sethi, Head of Consumer Insights for Ericsson ConsumerLab in India, and his team have changed their approach to data collection because of mobile, their two key learnings as a result of this transition to mobile research, how to decide what data to collect and what to leave and where his industry must evolve to in order to continue adding value.

Episode #435: From noodles and hot sauce to funding in 9 weeks – with OOOMF co-founder Mikael Cho

This is, of course, the story of OOOMF, the LaunchRock for mobile applications but that is not where they started. In this episode you will hear about that disastrous (or serendipitous) meeting with the mentors and what it did to set their sites on new, fertile ground in the mobile space. Mikael offers considerable insight into techniques they used to pivot quickly, grow their community and secure their seed round.
Dan Foreman Lumi Mobile

Episode #434: Why data is the new oil – with Dan Foreman of Lumi Mobile

To explore the huge shift in the ease and availability of data is Dan Foreman, Head of Business Development for mobile data collection company, Lumi Mobile. This episode is part educational, part tactical and part theoretical with a glimpse of the future thrown in for good measure. You will gain insight into how the data collection and surveying industry has modified their businesses in order to adopt mobile technologies, the concept of data spoilage and how to avoid that by choosing your key collection metric and what "passive data collection" means to the future of traditional surveys.
Steve Kraus

Episode #428: How mobile enables agile deployment in enterprises – with Steve Kraus of Pegasystems

What is detailed in this episode, featuring Steve Kraus, Senior Director of Product Marketing, is the story of one company's views on selling mobile solutions into large enterprises - companies in the middle of massive change. We go deep into what mobile CPM and BPM is, how they go about deploying in the enterprise, how today's startups are leading the charge and the much-needed concept of agile deployment.
Jan-Schoetteindreier Cluetec

How German company Cluetec is becoming a mobile-first software company Рwith Director Jan Sch̦ttelndreier

This episode features Jan Schöttelndreier of Cluetec and we hear the process Cluetec has gone through over the past year to begin the transformation for a mobile-first company, the reasons for doing so, the impact it has had on the company, the freedom it has given the senior management to ideate around new product development and the broader approach they have adopted to what data collection means - which includes their lead in the telematics industry.