Episode #491: How DoubleDutch pivoted twice, raised $20m and amassed 500,000 users while making it look easy – with co-founder Lawrence Coburn

Events are big business and right in the center of their mobile transformation is San Francisco-based DoubleDutch and their co-founder Lawrence Coburn. It has been over 3 years since I last sat down with Lawrence - back when they were a platform for building social location apps. Since then the transformation has been fierce and fast. You will hear about how they ended up as the leading social solution for events, how they landed their first massive events, how they found their niche, why they decided to shelve two successful enterprise products to focus on events and much more.

Episode #489: How to find mobile revenue in emerging economies – with Jacob Hauskens of Fortumo

Joining me to discuss why you should look at emerging economies as part of your mobile strategy is Jacob Hauskens, VP Business Development at Fortimo. This entire show is meant to demonstrate two things: 1) That the opportunities outside of North America are real, attainable and lucrative and 2) That is takes a Herculean effort to pull this off properly but the effort is worth it in the end.

Episode #486: 17 user experience tips that will make your mobile strategy succeed – with Macadamian’s Scott Plewes

Scott Plewes, VP of User Experience Design at Ottawa-based Macadamian Technologies, is here to help move more revenue or further your mobile strategy. We explore this by focusing on small user experience and user interface tweaks on the four primary revenue generation tactics in mobile: Freemium, Premium, Advertising and Data. This episode is completely jammed with tips, tactics, gotchas and enhancements you can implement right away to ensure the outcome from your efforts building, deploying, marketing and defending your mobile strategy is worthy of the effort.

Episode #485: How to start your mobile project the right way – with Mobilosophy co-founder Mathew Lazarus

Mathew Lazarus is the co-founder of a company aptly named Mobilosophy. They specialize in helping companies bring their team, business requirements and mobile wishes together to form something that satisfies their customer's needs (as opposed to their own). This conversation is incredibly rich and touches on team tactics, development strategies, feedback processes (customer and users), testing and QA implementation and answering the single most important question you can to make sure you do this mobile thing properly.

Episode #477: Is NFC the Billy Beane of the mobile era – with David Shalaby of TapTrack

This episode featuring David Shalaby, co-founder of Toronto, Canada based TapTrack will help us navigate towards the bright future of NFC and away from that payments world it was set to upend. What you'll find is a very frank discussion on the potential uses of this almost-already pervasive platform (by the end of this year NFC will be in 500 million devices worldwide). Once you get over the fact that the value here is NOT yet in payments and you start looking at other solutions that will emerge - many of them outside of the phone - the opportunities for entrepreneurs seem endless.