EP #500: 9 SMS and mobile marketing tactics you can use today – with Greg Hickman author of the SMS Marketing Handbook

SMS is not dead, just massively misunderstood and this episode with Greg Hickman of Mobile Mixed dives into tactics for you to use to effectively bring SMS into your business right away. We also tackle the biggest opportunities for businesses to use mobile in their marketing mix and wax about the perfect location-based, contextually-relevant message - the golden unicorn of mobile marketing.

Episode #467: How PasswordBox passed Gmail as the #1 productivity app on their way to over 1M downloads – with CEO Dan Robichaud

This episode focuses on how Dan Robichaud and his team at PasswordBox managed to concentrate their mobile product launch and drive serious downloads during the all-important first 4 days - moving them ahead of the Gmail app as the #1 productivity app on the AppStore. Dan also details his vision of the future of the password and how mobile is the catalyst for this change. It may take some time but with the combination of the smartphone and PasswordBox we may actually be seeing the end of the password.

Lessons of a mobile startup while starting it up – with Blipboard co-founders Aneil Mallavarapu and Jason Fischl

Being a part of a mobile startup right now is incredibly intense. We don't often get a glimpse of what it looks like right at formation period. We certainly don't get a chance to hear raw, real advice from the partners so close to the action but here it is. Aneil Mallavarapu and Jason Fischl, co-founders of Blipboard, offer incredible insight into the middle of this startup storm - as they are building.