Michael Hagan LevelUp

How LevelUp solves the two largest merchant pains: High interchange costs and customer loyalty – with co-founder Michael Hagan

With over 3000 location in the United States already using the LevelUp platform, their customers have seen some staggering success and this is the story of how they decided upon, built, deployed and continuously refine their product. This is also the story of entrepreneurs being entrepreneurs and understanding the difference between a hobby company and a real business.
ramneek bhasin

How TheFind became the number one mobile app in the brand new “Catalog” category in Apple’s AppStore – with Ramneek Bhasin, VP Mobile

For the first time since 2009, Apple added a major category to the AppStore - this time around it was the Catalog category. What is the significance of this and how important is the catalog industry on these mobile devices? To answer these questions and many more we went right to the makers of the number 1 ranked mobile app in the category, TheFind.com, and previous guest Ramneek Bhasin the GM of mobile and catalogs for TheFind.

Trust – the final frontier in mobile commerce with Todd Daubert, Partner, SNR Denton

Trust. Beyond all the hype, all the advances in technology and all the hope of mobile, trust is the one hurdle to mobile commerce that engineering and marketing can't solve. What is it going to take to make Mcommerce a mainstream and ubiquitous process? Who needs to lead this challenge and what are the risks associated with too much (or not enough) regulations and controls?