Episode #488: How saving mobile app developers $16,000 per user led to a business – with AgeCheq founder Roy Smith

The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act is designed to protect young children from the perils of online life and is now focusing on the mobile industry - specifically app makers. To help us understand what this means to the app ecosystem - from identifying what COPPA is, to what it takes to be compliant to what this means to the mobile app industry - is Roy Smith, founder of AgeCheq. Roy is the co-founder of FlyCast and AppMobi and identified a huge opportunity to help large and small app development shops to ensure they don't get slapped with a debilitating fine for not being COPPA ready.

Episode #451: Why the calendar is the next mobile operating system – with Tempo founder Raj Singh

Raj Singh started out of SRI (incubators of SIRI, Summly and Tempo) with absolute intent - they didn't begin at the calendar, they ended up there based on what they wanted to achieve. Raj takes us through this journey of identifying the market opportunity, the covert beta test (in Canada - under a different name), the launch, the outcome, the things he'd have done differently and where he sees the calendar as the platform concept going in the near future.

Episode #450: How NARR8 is rethinking the publishing industry and keeping everything free – with Darya Trushkina

This is the story of the success Game Insight has had and how Darya and her team plan on duplicating that success with NARR8. There is a heft here - a confidence reserved for only those that have hit on something or see something that others don't and I like it. They have audacious goals of world domination, of building incredible product every single time and of disrupting a staid and insular industry in serious peril and need of new thinking. After listening to this episode you get the sense that they are just starting to hit their stride.

Episode #447: How the Barclays Center and Brooklyn Nets embraced mobile to enhance the in-game experience – with WillowTree Apps VP Design Blake Sirach

There are scores of great examples of it out there but have you ever noticed that very few companies break away from the norm? Most look to the examples that have paved the way and incrementally move the needle forward - not inventing but more closely refining someone else's invention. This has worked out well for the industry for sure - better user interface = better user experience = better products - but I hope we can break some of the patterns we are seeing and really start innovating at a UX level again. This is where WillowTree Apps and their VP of Design, Blake Sirach want to play - and doing a fine job incidentally. To do UX properly there needs to be this convergence of timing, need, want and budget which is exactly where Blake and his team found themselves as they began developing the mobile experience for the new, state-of-the-art Barclays Center and the relocated Brooklyn Nets. This conversation, while fixated on how this happened and what they learned, also dives deep into the thinking around the in-game or at-home fan experience. It touches on lessons learned, opportunities still in the queue for development, what the "multi-screen" world may look like and we even dive into an old-fashioned "Apple UX vs Android UX" slap fest.

Episode #446: Entering the era of real-time mobile infrastructure as a service – with PubNub co-founder Todd Greene

It has been almost 2 years since we last connected with Todd Greene, since then Loyalize was acquired by Viggle and his new startup PubNub closed their first round of funding (also in December of 2011). This episode focuses on the concept of software as infrastructure, the real-time mobile world, how companies are and will use this technology, the Loyalize story, how PubNub was conceived and the patience it took to wait for the right moment to jump in