Episode #487: Why the car dashboard is the key for digital radio supremacy – with Triton Digital’s Patrick Reynolds

We are talking all things digital radio with Triton Digital's Chief Strategy Officer Patrick Reynolds and the conversation is insightful and wide-ranging. We talk about the difference a year makes in this industry (since our last episode), the state of spend from agencies, the state of digital radio, the state of terrestrial radio and even dive into the newspaper and television industry.
Brian Wong_kiip

Episode #468: Why mobile is about owning the moment and not keeping users hostage by incentive – with Kiip co-founder Brian Wong

This episode features Brian Wong, co-founder of Kiip and focuses on the simple notion that owning the relevant moment and delivering on it at the right time with the right thing is the holy grail of mobile advertising and marketing. Brian details how Kiip ended up re-inventing the already nascent mobile reward; how they help advertisers deepen relationships with their customers through mobile; how the psychology of advertising is changing because of mobile; how the oft-relied on psychographic and demographic segmentation is not as important because of mobile and a number of examples and insights he's picked up along the way as he's built this mobile advertising upstart.
lars albright session m

The true measure of mobile advertising – with Session M founder Lars Albright

Mobile advertising is in transition - from something unknown and underused into one of the most personal and targeted opportunities to move consumers through a path to purchase without friction. Right in the middle of this transformation is the guy that brought you iAds - Lars Albright, founder of Quattro Wireless (sold to Apple) and now Session M. This is a glimpse into the future of mobile advertising with about a thousand tips to help you become effective with mobile advertising today.
Chris Ewington Codito

How one company found a niche business porting board games to mobile – with Chris Ewington, founder of Sage Board Games

How does a mobile developer build a company from an existing and known audience? How important an ingredient is passion and community in the success equation? Can you drive revenue through a niched and fickle market? Is there a business porting board games into mobile games? I invited Chris Ewington, founder of Codito Development Inc., purveyors of the Sage Board Games brand to answer these questions.
Dan Martell

Dan Martell: Why this relentless entrepreneur has turned his focus to mobile

What does it take to build out a string of successful mobile businesses and what does mobile mean to traditional business? Dan Martell has some incredible insight into some of the top mobile companies that are challenging existing incumbents - he either invests in them or advises them. He's also turned his sights to his next startup,, where he combines his passion for advising startups with mobile in a decidedly old-school, voice-first way.
carnet williams

How publishers are leading the way in the HTML5 vs Native app debate – with InMobi’s Carnet Williams

A number of publishers are going HTML5 instead of native app for their mobile strategy. Is this HTML5's debutante ball? Is this leading shift an indication of things to come? Is there a more definitive answer to that age-old question of when to go HTML5 and when to go native yet? That's why we tracked down Carnet Williams, founder of Sprout (an InMobi company) and HTML5 soothsayer from Bangalore, India to get answers these questions and more.