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Episode #490: Capitalizing on the geofence of interest – with Earshot co-founder David Rush

This episode is with David Rush, co-founder of Earshot. This is a follow-up from a year ago and the entire episode focuses on the transition, the challenges, the reasons he made this difficult mid-air correction (my favourite part is when we discuss the process he went through to determine change was necessary), how Earshot helps their customers and his take on the readiness of the market for what his company now offers.

Episode #481: How Atlantic City uses mobile to move tourists into local businesses – with Dave Roesch of the ACCVA

Throughout this episode, Dave Roesch, Director of Marketing of the ACCVA explains how the they brought mobile marketing into their mix, how they determined what was (and wasn't) working and how they've been able to segment its use to have the most impact on the local economy. Dave is as sophisticated a mobile marketer as I've met - he understands the nuance mobile marketing requires and where it fits in order to have the largest impact on his city, local businesses and visitors.

Episode #475: How to use location to grow your bottom line – with Moasis co-founder Ryan Golden

Ryan Golden, co-founder of Moasis Global, helps companies use mobile and location to drive revenue and he shares his insight in this jammed episode. We cover the impact of location on the purchase decision, the key metrics to watch while implementing location, tactical advice for starting in location and some great case studies on other businesses that have succeeded in using mobile in their business.
Paul Mabray Vintank

Episode #463: Wineries, the SoLoMo movement and the power of context – with VinTank founder Paul Mabray

Paul Mabray is the founder of VinTank, a company that helps wineries understand and interact with customers and potential customers. This episode shows the power that mobile unleashes. It's not about flashy apps or complicated technology implementations or the size of the screen or the operating system you use, it is about the practicality and value the platform drives. You can use the tools already in circulation to bring customers closer to your business or to learn more about the way your customers enjoy your product or service. It's about simplicity, leverage and, as is often discussed on this episode, the power of context.
Scott Kveton Urban Airship

Episode #440: How Urban Airship plans on becoming a part of the mobile plumbing – with CEO Scott Kveton

As the first 3rd-time guest on UNTETHER.tv, Scott Kveton should be familiar to you. We have documented the rise of his company, Urban Airship, and this episode keeps the spotlight on their growth and plans for the coming year. Learn about how they are building out their Passbook product, their huge growth in revenue and employees and hear their plans for becoming part of the mobile infrastructure

The death of geo – with LBMA Founder, Asif Khan

With millions of users and many more check-ins, location based marketing is upon us, but is that the best we can do? Location Based Marketing Association Founder, Asif R. Khan, will take us through the death of the check-in, and explore the emergence of a world where every person, place and thing will will be united by the power of geo, presenting advertisers new ways to engage consumers.
david rush evzdrop

How Evzdrop uses the interest network to drive footfall for their customers – with co-founder David Rush

This episode features David Rush, the co-founder and CEO of Evzdrop and we find out how he identified that spot - an elusive one - that no one seems to be focusing on in the location-based marketing world. We talk at length about the process he took to find his niche, the process he used to refine his pitch (to himself, his co-founder and his eventual investors), why he went down the path Evzdrop is on (read: what the other companies aren't doing), and some of the challenges he's faced while doing so.