EP #504: Design is medicine with Juhan Sonin of Involution Studios

Think about all the opportunities that happen during your day where health data could be collected. We already monitor how we sleep, the number of steps we walk, the air quality, the food we eat, the amount of exercise we get, our weight, etc. The thing about...

EP #501: Why the state of our Mobile Union is rock solid – with Chetan Sharma

Chetan is the president of Chetan Sharma Consulting and is one of the leading voices and minds in the mobile industry and this episode shows why. Every year Chetan puts together a mobile industry predictions survey and with it comes great insight to help industry find their way in this sometimes confusing mobile world we have emerged into. This episode dives into the results of the survey and more.

EP #500: 9 SMS and mobile marketing tactics you can use today – with Greg Hickman author of the SMS Marketing Handbook

SMS is not dead, just massively misunderstood and this episode with Greg Hickman of Mobile Mixed dives into tactics for you to use to effectively bring SMS into your business right away. We also tackle the biggest opportunities for businesses to use mobile in their marketing mix and wax about the perfect location-based, contextually-relevant message - the golden unicorn of mobile marketing.

MM #243: The smartphone is the hub of the Internet of Things

For better or worse, the smartphone has gradually become the centre of all communications and, now, it is becoming the hub of the first incarnation of the Internet of Things (IoT). More and more wearables and peripherals are using the smarts of the device and low energy bluetooth (BLE) to add relevance and simplicity to our lives. Chuck takes a look at a few he bumped into while touring the floor at CES in January.

MM #240: The machine to phone frontier

Smartphones really are becoming the epicentre of our digital lives. As you’ll see in this episode, much of how we’ll interact with our surroundings - be that how we control and watch content or pay for goods - will involve the devices we carry in our pockets or purses. Chuck details a number of examples throughout the episode but focuses on the ease with which mobile payment company Paydiant helps make mobile payments simple.