MCM #348: Can QR codes be smarter?

Do QR codes have a reputation problem or are they just not useful anymore? That seems to be the question with many saying they are the past and other saying QR codes are just misunderstood. The ScanLife app has been downloaded over 85 million times and they certainly think that there is room for smarter QR codes. In this episode Chuck explains what their platform does to amplify the simple QR code by providing tremendous value to the consumer.

MCM #346: Is inventory the new location for retailers?

One of the allures of online and mobile shopping is that there is almost always a sure guarantee the product will be in inventory. You may have to wait a day or two for it to get to your doorstep but odds are the thing you order will be delivered. Not so for traditional retail stores. There is nothing more frustrating than finding the product you want, making your way to the store only to find it isn't available at that location. Inventory is becoming an important lever in retail behind experience and price and one company, Retailigence, is making sure you get the product you want when you want it.

MCM #345: Mobile is the new smoking

The only thing that is more important to remember when leaving home for most of us - other than our smartphone - is our keys. This according to a survey done by Reputation Leaders on behalf of PayPal. This should be no surprise at all but what is are the numbers of hours we waste in the average day...standing in line to pay for things. Watch this quick episode to understand what that means to the mobile commerce opportunity.

MCM #344: Voice is the latest thing from the 90′s making a comeback

The original killer application for mobile phones was, well, voice communications. For the first time ever, we weren't tied to a specific location to be reached. This was a revolution and a revelation for businesses and parents with teenagers. Somewhere along the line, voice has taken a backseat as the primary means of communications for the smart devices we carry today. Voice hasn't gone away, rather the function has changed dramatically. As you'll see in this episode, voice has shifted from person-to-person to person-to-computer as it tries to bridge the limitations of our small screens and big fingers as an important input mechanism.

MCM #343: Can 1,000,000 Gigwalk’ers save the retail industry?

Here's a trend for you: Direct-to-consumer-removing-the-store-from-the-value-chain. Kind of long but kind of important. Mobile has enabled this world where the shelf isn't as important as it once was and the consumer is in greater command of the buying process. That's why Gigwalk is emerging (after 2+ years) as a key component for retailers in this, the battle of their lives. Chuck explains why this service - and others like it - are important to the retail industry. We also explore the real and imminent threat that what is really happening is the strengthening of the manufacturer-to-consumer relationship, further eroding the retailer value...All this in 2 minutes!

MCM #342: And the top mobile shopper is…

The latest research points to the increased comfort consumers are feeling towards using mobile payments for anything from toys to furniture to pet supplies. So who is the ideal customer? What is the ideal platform for mobile commerce? What is everyone spending their mobile dollars on? Shopgate's latest research shows us in detail and Chuck paints that picture for you in 2 minutes here.

MCM #341: The perfect coupon is…the one you don’t see

There have been many companies that have attempted to perfect the coupon redemption process to varying degrees of success. Most of that success has come in the form of company exits for the founders, not so much when it comes to satisfied customers but a Canadian company may be hitting the sweet spot for that. The company is called Checkout 51 and Chuck offers his thoughts on the service here. #GoCanada

MCM #340: The unnatural mobile commerce growth curve

Two great studies released last week - one from Unbound Commerce and the other from BrandingBrand - showcase the insane year-over-year growth of mobile commerce. In case you missed them, Chuck summarizes the high-level findings here in less than 2 minutes. The Coles notes version? Mobile is killing it. The long version? Mobile is killing it. Watch this.

MCM #339: Don’t worry, we are all still anonymous shoppers

We all know that retail has taken a licking as a result of the mobile revolution. It has been the punching bag for upstarts and analysts, it has been chided in all media, it has become subservient to the almighty consumer, it has quite simply lost its mojo. For every glimmer of hope that the retail industry has caught on, has embraced its new lord, has turned a corner, reality hits home time and again. A new study by Boston Retail Partners reiterates this cycle and shows retailers are still in a state of denial. Chuck summarizes here but to give you a quick snapshot, of the retailers surveyed, only 3% can identify the mobile shopper when they walk in their store...we are all still anonymous - not by accident but by negligence.