Take our annual survey and win a Misfit Shine

We are doing our first ever survey of what you think of us. If you complete the entire thing - every single question - you will be entered in a draw to win the Misfit Wearables Shine. The winner will be...

Crafting the mobile experience

I had the privilege of presenting to the OPMA in Ottawa about the art of crafting the mobile experience. The challenge with mobile today is that it is complex, few people truly understand the impact it will...

The top 10 episodes of 2013 – well, sort of

Top 10 lists are a great way to review the year that was if you push out as much content as I do but the problem is that the guys I interview in December get the short end because of obvious reasons. This year I got wise and am now presenting to you the top 10 most watched episodes from Dec 1 2012 - Nov 30 2013.

Why Facebook is not a mobile first company yet

There is still a long road ahead for Facebook when it comes to really "getting" mobile - let alone turning their users into dollars through mobile. This is a very unique beast, not borne of the web but destined to surpass it in the very very near future. If Facebook is to become a truly "mobile-first" company, they need to take action on these 4 things or risk being lapped by the competition.

Beyond the hype: Where are the revenue opportunities in iOS7

After the hype dissipates, the banners come down, the haters hate and the lovers glow, the real question we should be asking after the slew of announcements from Apple at this year's version of the WWDC is: How do you find a way to use what has been announced to generate revenue. Forget about the "flat" versus skeuomorphism debate, the "similarities" to BlackBerry, Windows 8 and Android - the real question on your mind should be how do these changes open up opportunity for additional revenue.

Can mobile eradicate laziness?

I use my smartphone to run much of my life. It is with me wherever I go so it seems logical that I use it as often as I can to enhance the things I'm doing. At the gym it feeds me audio books while I track my...