Episode #458: How Evernote became an overachieving toddler – with COO Ken Gullicksen

You've all heard of Evernote - the cross-platform note taking application - but did you know they have aspirations of being a 100-year company? They were propelled by the mobile device, have 50,000,000 users worldwide, have entered into the enterprise with force and are fans of the next phase of mobile computing - the wearable kind. What makes this company tick? Guys like Ken Gullicksen and he's here to talk about this fascinating company with 1M paying customers and a bright future.

Sh*t you can do with mobile – with whurley of Chaotic Moon Labs

This UNTETHER.talks keynote, by Chaotic Moon Labs GM whurley, is about his perspectives on the mobile industry - trends, tragic outcomes and a vision forward - with a hint of his view on innovation and a glimpse of his position on the future of mobile ("it is dead"). whurley was the highlight of the conference.
Lars Hard ExpertMaker AI

How mobile can humanize artificial intelligence – with ExpertMaker co-founder Lars Hard

This is a wide ranging and mind-blowing conversation with an incredible thinker in this space in ExpertMaker founder Lars Hard. His company is trying to help usher in a new era of business AI that helps alleviate some of the stresses a business feels. However, you can see his excitement when we talk about the future and how, in all likelihood, artificial intelligence will turn conventional business on its head.
Yasser Ansari Project Noah

How Project Noah plans on generating revenue from the (smart) mob – with co-founder Yasser Ansari

In the final segment of this episode we tackle the revenue and monetization conversation - how do you turn a bunch of nature nerds into a bunch of paying nature nerds. The concepts are interesting as the world of mobile gets labelled in the wake of Instagram and Facebook and the fact the numbers they produce are outliers yet they are how every company from now on will be measured by. Yasser doesn't hide from these comparisons - he embraces it in fact. In his industry, targeting his customers, Project Noah is the equivalent to Instagram.

Shazam: How this music discovery app is about to disrupt the television industry starting with the Super Bowl – with David Jones

We've all used this app, Shazam, but what we failed to see from the start is just how this one app that helps us discover music is now poised to take on the advertising industry and it has the reach and users to do just that. David Jones, EVP at Shazam Entertainment is in the middle of all of this and took some time to talk the past, current and future of this little app that could.