Gaga, Intel and Bowie…#DoesNotCompute

Welcome to episode #272. On the show: Amazon’s Treasure Truck hits the streets of Seattle; Gemalto launches LinqUs IoT platform; Lady Gaga teams with Intel for David Bowie tribute at the Grammy’s; KeyDuino means fist bumping your car to unlock it; MicroChippy and Bubbledogs create a pop-up Canine Cafe; Going Hongbao for Chinese New Year’s; ParkHub & Verifone parked a s**t ton of cars at SuperBowl 50; Verve launches self-serve location platform for SMBs; Tommy Hilfiger and GPS Radar get you into events on the Apple Watch; Sears/KMart join the 00’s and offer inventory scanning to their app. Our resource is from Euclid Analytics and EKN Research. Our special guest is Aubriana Lopez live from the Moxie Agency.

This Week in Location Based Marketing Episode 272

Recorded: February 12, 2016
Hosts: Rob Woodbridge & Asif Khan
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Show Notes:

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Top stories of the week

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1. Amazon unleashes Treasure Truck on Seattle 8:06
2. Gemalto launches LinqUs IoT platform 12:26
3. Lady Gaga + Intel to create David Bowie tribute at the Grammy’s 14:00
4. Keyduino – Fist bumping your car 21:12
5. MicroChippy and Bubbledogs create pop-up “Canine Cafe” 23:45

Resource: Euclid Analytics + EKN Research – New Report 29:34

Guest: Aubriana Lopez live at Moxie Agency 31:28

Member News

1. Celebrating Chinese New Year’s “Hongbao” digitally 37:00
2. ParkHub + Verifone at the SuperBowl 39:00
3. Verve launches self-serve location platform for SMBs 40:00
4. Tommy Hilfiger + GPS Radar for NYFW 40:50
5. Sears/KMart bring inventory scanning to app 42:20

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